Benjamin Urbelis is a licensed lawyer in Massachusetts. He makes a living from defending people against drunken driving charges. Ironically, he himself has been prosecuted and charged with the crime of operating while drunk or intoxicated and has had to appoint another accident attorney to represent and defend him in the case, as reported by Currently, Urbelis is not in custody as he has posted his $10,000 bond.

Some people believe Urbelis should sue himself.
The accident that has landed Urbelis in all this trouble can best be defined as a freak accident, like something you will hear of in one of those ridiculous and irrational Final Destination movies. Urbelis allegedly was on a boat ride with several others when a cushion was thrown off the boat and landed in the water.
A 19-year old girl that was one of the occupants on the boat jumped into the water to retrieve the cushion. However, while she attempted to hoist herself back into the boat, her right arm got severed by the spinning motor blades of the boats engine.
Not even on the boat!?
In the preliminary court hearing, Urbelis pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge. Now he has based his defense around the argument that he was not even aboard the boat when the catastrophic incident occurred.
Female bear involved in car accident put to sleep by officials to end her suffering
Euthanasia or mercy killing is the act of administering death to a living being that is experiencing unbearable pain or suffering. Sadly, an adult female bear that was hit by a car in central Massachusetts had to be euthanized as it was in way too much pain. According to investigators, the bear sustained injuries that were way too grave and gave it virtually no chance of survival and hence authorities decided to kill it painlessly and quickly instead of making it go through a slow and painful death.

However, on a positive note, the female bear was with her little cub and thankfully, the little guy escaped unscathed. Bears cannot be sued since they do not know any better but human beings can because they should. This is where the marvelous website enters the fray. If you need a smashing and hard hitting Massachusetts accident lawyer, this is the site for you.
The driver should have stopped, called the authorities, took responsibility
Authorities have also announced that the vehicle that crashed into the bear was a van. However, the van and its driver cannot be traced and it is not clear whether the driver and/or any possible occupants on the van sustained any injuries. According to experts, there has been a sudden rise in the population of black bears in the state and sightings of these animals have become increasingly common.
Auto accident laws – Massachusetts
According to Boston MA accident attorneys, auto accident legislation is very comprehensive and extensive in all states of the nation and Massachusetts is no exception. However, it is always a prudent idea to remain aware of some of the most basic and principal auto accident laws.
The most important item to note is how Massachusetts determines who is at fault and therefore accountable or liable for damages. Fault is worked out purely on the basis on negligence, hence, if it is concluded that if one of the parties involved were negligently operating their motor vehicle, then they are liable for all of the damages.

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