The circumstances surrounding the death of a 33 year old former basketball player from St. Louis who played for the Eastern Illinois University has police in a fix. The coroner’s report has led nowhere and police in Madison County are still grasping for clues in the mysterious death.

Press Release – December 11th, 2014 – Andrew Gordon Gobczynski, 33, who was a former player for the Eastern Illinois University basketball team, was found dead in his car this Monday morning in Madison County, Florida. Gobczyski comes from St. Louis, Missouri. His car was involved in a minor car accident but police investigators do not believe that the crash was the main reason for his death. They are still investigating the possible reasons for his death, say St. Louis accident attorneys.
When police reached Gobczyski’s car around 11:50 am on Monday morning, they found him lying unresponsive inside his vehicle. Prior to that, the basketball player had been involved in a minor single vehicle crash when his car crashed into a cable barrier situated on the I-55, northbound, near Illinois 11. A passerby stopped to administer first aid according to police reports, and when responders arrived they took him to Gateway Regional Medical Center for medical care. However, when they reached the hospital, Gobczyski was pronounced dead.
The coroner’s office says that Gobczyski was already in full cardiac arrest by the time he arrived at the Gateway and this was the main reason why the ER team could not save him despite trying their best. St. Louis accident attorneys say that the Madison County coroner has conducted an autopsy but the results have so far been inconclusive.
The car crash was pretty minor so there was no lasting trauma from that, and according to the statements from the coroner’s office no immediate cause of the basketballer’s death could be determined. Additional laboratory studies are still pending and they might shed some light on the reason behind Gobczyski’s death.
The case is still being investigated by the Madison County, police department. The preliminary reports say that when the police officials found Gobczyski in his car he was wearing a seat belt and the air bags in his vehicle had not deployed. The car, which the police have taken for investigation, did not show any signs of terrible impact. Gobczyski was driving a 2006 black Infiniti G35, which suffered only minimal damage when it ran into the cable barrier.
The Madison County coroner’s office released a press statement on Tuesday confirming that they were investigating the circumstances under which the former Eastern Illinois University player died. Police investigators also say that there is no reason to suspect that alcohol or any foul play was involved. Well, foul play could be involved since it does not appear Gobczyski died because of this car accident. There are different thoughts on this.
Gobczynski lived in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and worked as a State Farm Insurance Agent in Wood River. He graduated from Teutopolis High School in Illinois, and played basketball for Eastern Illinois University.

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