single-vehicle accident

In response to an 8 News Now investigation into a crash that left an elderly woman gravely injured, Metro Police have revised their accident report and have initiated a review by their Traffic Bureau to determine if the unlicensed driver of an unregistered vehicle should be cited. The incident involved a Volvo sedan with expired Arizona plates that backed into 77-year-old Marie Aumont, causing severe injuries that led to a 74-day hospital stay and extensive rehabilitation. As a result of the crash, Aumont’s three dogs were removed from her home by Clark County authorities, leading to the euthanization of her 15-year-old Shepherd and the rehoming of her other two dogs. The incident occurred near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway in January 2023.

Initially, the responding officer determined that the crash took place on private property. However, Clark County officials confirmed that the stretch of road connecting the apartment homes on Sombrero Drive with the apartment homes on Silver Mesa Circle is actually a public right-of-way. Body camera footage from the scene revealed the officer informing the driver that he would not be cited for his expired registration, lack of a driver’s license, and failure to provide proof of insurance. The officer questioned whether he could issue citations for these violations on private property. Metro Police revised their accident report and issued a statement stating that if the officer had determined the accident occurred on the public right-of-way, additional citations would have been issued, but no arrest would have been made. The Traffic Bureau will now assess if further traffic citations will be issued to the driver.

Marie Aumont, who suffered significant injuries and had her walker crushed in the crash, expressed disbelief at the leniency shown to the driver. She criticized the decision to let him go, particularly considering his lack of a driver’s license and registration. Aumont revealed that the driver did not visit her in the hospital or make any contact since her return home, leading her to believe that he feels no remorse for his actions.

The driver, who was seen sitting in a white Chrysler adjacent to the Volvo involved in the crash, declined to speak on camera and stated that he had sold the Volvo. He expressed his reluctance to provide further information without legal representation.

The revised accident report and ongoing review by Metro Police’s Traffic Bureau aim to reassess the situation and determine if additional citations are warranted for the driver involved in the crash. The investigation has raised questions about the handling of the incident and the need for accountability in cases involving serious injuries caused by unlicensed and unregistered drivers. The Best Resource for Competent Las Vegas, Nevada Accident Attorneys

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