74 year old Stephen Woytack was killed in a freak accident at Saint Joseph’s cemetery in Throop, Pennsylvania. Reportedly, Woytack was bent below his mother-in-law’s tombstone with his wife Lucy Woytack who was behind the stone when it toppled and crashed onto the senior.

The impact killed Woytack on scene. The cemetery’s caretaker, Ed Kubilus, who observed Woytack return year after year for several years to decorate the tombstones of his loved ones, said the victim used to make frequent visits to the cemetery to lay flowers at the tombstones every year.
The incident that killed him has been labeled a tragic accident. The cemetery will not be held responsible for Woytack’s death. Kubilus who witnessed the incident unfold and rushed to help was unable to prevent the death of the 74 year old man. The stone was determined to have been loosened from the soil due to the cold and damp weather.
50 year old worker dies at construction site in tragic accident
An unidentified man lost his life after a 1,200 foot pylon fell on him. The man was an employee of Aecom, a contractor at the work site. The incident occurred at the Sunoco Logistics plant in Marcus Hook.
The large scale construction project at Sunoco Logistic’s Marcus Hook unit is to convert the old, out-of service oil refinery into natural gas storage, and processing unit. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the accident.
An Aecom representative released a statement addressing the accident and said that the company was deeply saddened by what had occurred and paid condolences to the victim’s family and friends.
The company was however unable to identify the deceased or provide any other details about the accident as they were instructed not to by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration who are in charge of the investigation.
School bus rams into home, no injuries reported
A school bus belonging to Saint Helena School has driven straight into a Blue Bell residence on Windermere Drive in Pennsylvania. According to the Whitplain Township Police Department, no one was hurt. The occupants of the bus were children between the ages of 5 to 12 and the bus driver himself.
Reportedly, the bus driver seems to be loved by both the kids and their parents. They say he was their regular driver and was very friendly and caring. They are all concerned for his well-being after the accident.
No one inside the residence was hurt either but residents said they heard a huge explosion and felt an impact that threw them to the floor. Initially, they had thought it was an explosion caused due to a gas leak or something else. They are glad none of their children or anyone else was in the room that the bus crashed into.
Witnesses say the driver seemed dazed and confused after the incident and was not able to concisely describe what had happened. Police officers are investigating video footage from a camera on board the bus to determine the cause of the crash.
Attorneys highlight Pennsylvania post-accident legal procedures
According to Philadelphia PA accident attorneys, the first concern in any accident must be the safety and well-being of everyone involved. In case of any emergencies it is important to call an ambulance and 911 right away. Pennsylvania state law dictates that everyone involved in an accident will need to complete pull reports.
These reports will be used for purposes such as insurance claims and driving records. Philadelphia PA accident attorneys who can be found at USAttorneys.com say the reports are mandatory if the accident causes death or injury to any person(s) or the impact of the crash was such that one or more of the vehicles involved cannot be driven away from the crash site and needs to be towed.

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