Electric scooters are trending in some of the most the attractive cities in the U.S. From San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, companies like Bird and Lime have launched their dockless electric scooters for individuals to use and ride at their leisure all at an affordable price. Unfortunately, while these scooters seem to be a convenient way for individuals to get around, many are unaware of the true dangers associated with riding one.
In recent news, it was reported by the Sun Sentinel that a 27-year-old woman was riding down the street in Fort Lauderdale when she allegedly ran a stop sign and was hit by an oncoming Toyota Corolla. The impact caused the young woman to be thrown nearly 25 feet. Ashanti Jordan now remains “in a vegetative state with a fractured skull, a severe brain injury, and multiple broken ribs.” The news source also highlighted that Jordan had to have a portion of her skull removed. The family, who now cannot stand the sight of an electric scooter, whether it is a Bird, Lime, Gotcha, or Bolt which are all being operating in the South Florida area, believe customers who rent these scooters are being given false information regarding “where they’re supposed to ride [them].”

That is being considered as one of the reasons why accidents involving electric scooters are occurring.

The family decided to enlist the help of an attorney who claims the company is misleading riders by not providing them with accurate information and instead is “telling riders to break the law.” The family’s lawyer stated that the Lime scooter app along with the scooter itself informs riders that they should not ride on sidewalks, although the news source claims that these scooters are only permitted to be ridden on sidewalks within the city. As a result, Jordan’s attorney stated that “these poor folks are in the middle of traffic” and “they’re riding down the roads.”
City Attorney Alain Boileau also commented on the incident and stated that the information the city is giving riders along with what these electric scooter companies are telling their customers is conflicting and “the language will have to change.” But, while lawmakers continue to deliberate on the issue as it has become just that since these scooters first launched a few months back, Jordan is expected to remain in a coma at Broward Health Medical Center. The news outlet reported that doctors are unable to provide the family with a prognosis until the swelling of her brain goes down which could take months.

With riders being provided with the wrong information and accidents continuing to occur, riders are urged to be careful when attempting to rent any type of electric scooter and check with their city to be sure they understand what the laws state so that they can operate it in the safest manner possible.

Were you or someone you know involved in an electric scooter accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL?


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