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Head-On Collision at Davis Street and Woodlawn Avenue Injures One in Elmira

ELMIRA, N.Y. – A head-on collision involving two SUVs disrupted traffic and led to minor injuries in Elmira on Tuesday, Aug. 15. The accident occurred near the intersection of Davis Street and Woodlawn Avenue.

Shortly after the incident, Erway Ambulance, Elmira Police, and the Elmira Fire Department were on the scene, responding with prompt care and efficiency. The vehicles, severely damaged in the collision, were promptly towed from the site, while the area was secured to ensure the safety of other road users.

Injuries and Medical Response

One person sustained minor injuries in the collision and is being taken to a local hospital for treatment. Details of the injuries have not been disclosed, but initial reports suggest that the individual is in stable condition.

Investigation Underway

Local law enforcement has initiated an investigation into the circumstances that led to the accident. Factors such as speed, distraction, or impairment will likely be examined to determine the cause of the collision. The intersection of Davis Street and Woodlawn Avenue will remain under scrutiny as authorities piece together what happened.

Traffic Impact

The collision led to temporary road closures, with traffic being redirected around the accident site. Commuters were advised to take alternate routes to avoid delays. The road has since been cleared, but the incident may still affect traffic flow in the area as the investigation continues.

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