accident victim airlifted

Emergency Response to Tragic Pike Incident

Today’s two-vehicle accident at the intersections of Routes 39 and 19 in Pike has resulted in several serious injuries and immediate action by emergency services. Four helicopters were dispatched to airlift the injured to nearby hospitals. It’s essential for the victims to understand the legal dimensions that follow such incidents, and for that purpose, they may need to consult Pike, New York Accident Attorneys.

Victims and Hospital Transfers

Multiple victims sustained significant injuries in this horrific event. One individual was taken to Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, two to Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, and another to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. The helicopters for transport included two from Mercy Flight, one from LifeNet, and one from Mercy Flight Central. The New York Accident Attorneys may carefully observe this part of the response, as prompt medical care is crucial in personal injury cases.

Closure and Damage Control

Route 39 was closed between Safford and Griffith due to the tragic event. Alongside the transportation of the injured, RG&E crews were also at the accident site, managing a pole that was severed during the accident, which could become a significant aspect of any ensuing legal examination.

Investigation into the Accident

Accident Attorneys may find the details of the ongoing investigation particularly pertinent. The accident, reported around 10:20 a.m., is being managed by the sheriff’s office crash management team. The evaluation will be instrumental in determining the legal obligations and rights of the involved parties.

How Accident Attorneys Can Help

In incidents as severe as this one, legal guidance becomes paramount. Attorneys can offer valuable assistance, aiding victims through the intricate legal landscape. From assessing medical reports to negotiating with insurers, legal professionals guide victims towards appropriate compensation. For this purpose, is the best place to find the most competent Attorneys.


The severe accident in Pike underscores the unpredictability of life and the necessity of sound legal guidance. The collaborative response from various emergency services, the closure of roads, and the ongoing investigation all form vital aspects of the unfolding situation. As the legal aspects continue to develop, expert attorneys stand ready to aid those impacted by this terrible occurrence, ensuring that justice is sought and rights are protected.