A negligence complaint has been lodged by an accident attorney representing complainant Earl Brown in a District Court in eastern Louisiana. The lawsuit lists the following as defendants – Suard Barge Services, City of Lockport, Louis Suard Jr, etc.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants are guilty of gross negligence by allowing a person who suffered from periodic seizures to drive a company vehicle while being fully aware of his medical vulnerability.
As reported by The Louisiana Record, Brown was a passenger in the vehicle being driven by David Gonzalez when Gonzalez was suddenly incapacitated by a seizure and lost control of the vehicle and crashed it. They were on their way to a dock site when the incident occurred.
The lawsuit seeks compensation for damages such as physical injuries, herniated disks, mental anguish, permanent impairment, and loss of ability to work and earn future wages. It further seeks punitive damages and also legal fees.
Flashing Taylor Swift concert wristbands saves three girls trapped in crashed car
A car driven by Elizabeth Dazzio crashed after she fell asleep at the wheel. The car was also occupied by Dazzio’s younger sister and another young girl. The three girls were making their way back home from a Taylor Swift concert when the incident occurred. The impact knocked the already asleep driver unconscious and the other two girls were trapped in the damaged car and were unable to reach their cell phones to call for help, according to 6ABC.com report.
The girls were also aware of the fact that it was dark where no one might notice them on the side of the roadway and it might be too late when they are finally spotted. The girls ingeniously thought of using the glowing wrist bracelets that they had purchased at the concert to attract attention towards themselves. They held out and swung around the bracelets against the dark background of the night.  Eventually, a woman that was driving by noticed the bright bracelets and called 911 for help.
Louisiana employee sues employer in slip and fall case
An accident attorney, that possibly could have been found on the spectacular and virtual gleaming website USAttorneys.com, representing plaintiff William Sanders, has filed a suit in a district court in the eastern District of Louisiana against Offshore Specialty Fabricators and Encore Food Services alleging professional negligence.
Employee apparently believes it is the employer’s fault he chose not to look where he was walking
As per the claims detailed in the lawsuit, Sanders was officially on duty working for the defendants when he stepped on safety eyewear equipment that was left on one of the stairs, this caused him to slip and fall resulting in injuries to his back, elbow head, and neck.
The lawsuit seeks compensation for damages such as pain, lost wages, permanent impairment and legal fees, as reported by The Louisiana Record.
Fatal traffic accident with truck and trailer
Accident laws in Louisiana
Louisiana is one of the rare few states in the nation that falls under a direct action state when it comes to auto-accident lawsuits, according to Lake Charles LA accident attorneys.
Essentially, a direct action state is one in which a plaintiff is allowed to name the concerned insurance company as a defendant in the lawsuit. Lake Charles accident attorneys find this beneficial for the petitioner, since the lawsuit clearly outlines the fact that the damages will be the financial responsibility of an insurance company not that of the person who directly or indirectly caused the accident itself. This does seem pretty incredible. Moreover, this helps jurors and judges grant awards to the victim without too much hesitation.
Legislation surrounding accidents in Louisiana also includes a statute of limitations which stipulates that any claim should be filed within one year of the date of the accident. If this does not happen, the lawsuit may be dismissed.

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