There are several laws governing accidents and this includes the employers’ liability when an employee is involved in a car accident while on the job. Whether or not the employer can be held liable is based on several factors and if there is a legal reason for the employer being responsible.
When an employer can be held liable
According to Charleston, SC accident lawyers, employers can be held liable for a car accident an employee causes. This includes employer negligence, and vicarious liability. An employer can be deemed negligent when hiring an employee or during supervision. The onus lies on the employer to exercise due diligence to ensure that an employee is a safe driver before he or she is hired.
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Furthermore, the employer must ensure that the employee has the requisite license that has not been revoked for any reason. In addition, they must take precautions to checking the driving record and perform drug tests before hiring or permitting an employee to drive vehicles belonging to the company.
Negligent supervision
One the other hand, negligent supervision is also a way that an employer can be held responsible for an accident caused by an employee. It is mandatory for employers to have and implement safety policies to ensure that their drivers comply with safety standards and Charleston, South Carolina accident attorneys are cognizant of this. If the employer fails to take precautions to ensure that their drivers exhibit reasonable care while on the job, then the employer is liable for negligent supervision.
Vicarious liability
Vicarious liability is when employers ask employees to do something on their behalf. In this case the employer is considered as the principle that directs the actions of an agent, which is the employee. In such a scenario, it is as if the principle is the one acting and applies only when the employee is in the process of doing something for the benefit of the employer when the accident occurred.
For example, if an employee is sent to collect a check from a customer and is involved in an accident on the way, the employee may be held liable. However, according to Charleston, SC accident lawyers, there are many exceptions where an employer cannot be held for vicarious liability. This includes bad acts done intentionally by the employee.

Hire a strong South Carolina legal representative  
Determining liability is an issue best left to your South Carolina accident lawyer. There are many factors that your attorney may consider to help build a solid case in which employer liability is an issue. Your legal representative will decide the best course of action and how your legal rights are best protected depending on the events that led to the accident.
In the meantime, if you are involved in an accident, make sure to retain all police reports, medical bills, specialist bills, x-rays, and other medical tests that relate to your recovery. Your doctor’s medical report is the most crucial evidence that will substantiate any claim for settlement.
Make sure the claims adjuster at your insurance company receives all the necessary documents and follow up with them within a week. If the insurance company gets back with an offer, take time to assess it, based on your research and estimates, and the opinion of your Charleston, SC accident lawyer.
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