The company has also been hit with lawsuits because of it.

If you have children or have a relative with children, then you are probably familiar with the brand Evenflo. Evenflo is one of the biggest sellers of child car seats and booster seats. While the company has been in business for years selling child seats to families who are looking to keep their kids protected while in a vehicle, one of their seats, the “Big Kid” booster seat, is being recognized for its lack of protection.

After ProPublica did some digging, the source uncovered some rather disturbing information regarding Evenflo’s Big Kid booster seat. The source says the company markets the booster seat to parents with children who are under 40 pounds although tests showed that “a child seated in its booster could be in grave danger in such a crash.” ProPublica also says Evenflo claims that the seat has been side-impacted tested and that the tests performed are “rigorous, simulating realistic side-impact crashes.”

After ProPublica got ahold of some side-impact test videos, the source found that if a child under 40 pounds were to be seated in a Big Kid booster seat and was involved in a side-impact crash, they could become paralyzed, suffer brain damage, or die. While the company stands behind its product and claims that the “company has been a pioneer in side-impact testing of boosters and other child car seats, and that it provides safe, effective and affordable products, including the Big Kid,” there are many parents who believe it was the lack of protection that contributed to the catastrophic injuries their child suffered in an accident.


Spokane Woman Sues Evenflo Over Big Kid Booster Seat

A woman in Spokane recently filed suit against the booster seat maker alleging that the company “violated consumer protection laws by advertising the “Big Kid” car seat as being safe for children that weigh less than 40 lbs.” The lawsuit claims that in 2012, “an Evenflo safety engineer made a recommendation to “high-ranking executives at Evenflo that they stop marketing the Big Kid car seat for children under 30lbs. and should raise the minimum weight to 40 lbs.” The suit goes on to accuse the company of trying to keep up with their competition rather than focus on the safety of the child.

This isn’t the only lawsuit that has been filed against Evenflo. A father in New York recently brought a suit against the car seat maker after his daughter suffered internal decapitation after a car accident. His daughter, who was five years old at the time and just under 37 pounds, was buckled into her Big Kid booster seat at the time of the crash. She is now paralyzed from the neck down and requires round-the-clock nursing care.


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