In 2016 a total of 3,986 people passed away from the result of being involved in a large truck accident. Only 17% of those were occupants of the trucks.

This means that you don’t need to be driving a truck to be at risk of injury or death from semi truck accidents. In fact, you are more at risk if you are in a passenger vehicle.

What causes these accidents and how can you prevent them? If you drive a truck, take note of these causes and try to avoid making these mistakes. If you are in a passenger vehicle, keep an eye out for signs that a truck driver is making these mistakes.

If you do find yourself involved in a truck accident, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone is ok. Then you should consider consulting an attorney to get an evaluation of your case and possible legal representation.

What Causes Semi Truck Accidents

When it comes to the cause of truck accidents, 87% of them are because of driver error. These errors can get divided into four main categories of mistakes.

Performance errors happen when a driver acts in a way that is incorrect. Usually, the driver will overcompensate, panic, or have bad direction control. These usually happen because of the driver’s lack of experience or fatigue.

Non-performance mistakes happen when the driver fails to act in the situation. Usually, the driver falls asleep or has a heart attack or seizure.

Decision mistakes happen when a driver makes a choice that is poor. This happens when the driver decides to drive too fast or misjudges the distance between their truck and other vehicles.

The fourth type of mistake is recognition. These are the mistakes that happen when the driver becomes distracted.

Large Truck and Passenger Vehicle Crashes

Of the 141,000 large truck accidents each year, half involve a passenger vehicle. When these accidents are the fault of the truck driver, the most common causes is following too closely or distraction from outside of the cab. When the accident is caused by the passenger vehicle, it is usually because of drugs, alcohol, or recklessness.

Do You Need Representation?

If you have been involved in one of the many semi truck accidents that happen each year, you may need to consult an attorney. These accidents are not like your typical fender bender.

Due to the large size of the trucks, there is typically a lot more damage and a greater risk of injury. Instead of dealing with a fellow driver, you will have to communicate with the company that owns the truck.

These companies are large corporations that have a lot more financial resources to hire legal representation. The best way to ensure that your rights get respected is to hire an attorney with experience with truck crashes.

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