A former Philadelphia based police officer identified as Thomas Winkis will be spending the next two to seven years of his life in prison after he pleaded guilty to charges in a fatal drunken driving accident which claimed the life of 55-year old David Farries, as reported by 6abc.com.

Unbecoming of an officer Winkis
According to police reports, the September 2013 accident involved Winkis’ Dodge Charger and Farries’ van and occurred in the vicinity of the Holmesburg area.
David Farries sustained serious internal wounds and succumbed to his injuries three days after the accident while he was being treated at a nearby medical facility. Winkis himself also suffered from a broken wrist bone, he was being accompanied by another female occupant who sustained minor injuries who can also utilize the excellent accident attorneys on the game changing website USAttorneys.com.
Winkis who had spent over two decades in the police force was terminated shortly after the accident. He paid a bond of $50,000 and has been free since 2013 but is set to go to jail now for anywhere between two and seven years. Winkis admitted to have consumed alcoholic beverages at a place called Maggie’s Waterfront Café before he got behind the wheel.
Philadelphia based mom sentenced in fatal accident case
Meredith Williams Earle has been handed a prison sentence of nine to twenty three months of prison time after she ran a red light and killed a flower delivery man, as reported by NBC Philadelphia.
Supposedly, Earle’s attention had been diverted to her 2-year old son in the back seat when the collision occurred. Upon further investigation and field sobriety testing, arresting officers discovered that Earle was under the influence of alcohol and an anti-anxiety prescription drug called Ativan at the time.
The accident occurred in August 2013. Williams was said to be driving at considerably high speeds when she ran a red light and ploughed into the side of a flower delivery company van, sending the van toppling over.
The driver of the van was a 72-year old man identified as Winston Staats. He was partially ejected from the van as it flipped over. He succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead by emergency medical technicians that arrived on scene.
Crime law security service officer cop guarding street near police car with siren light
Earle commented saying she deeply regretted what happened that day. She also said she was solely responsible for the accident and that she was not going to make any excuses for her actions.
Earle is pregnant at the time. However, the judge did not entertain a plea to spare her from jail but agreed to postpone enforce of the sentence so that Earle does not have to cancel an obstetrician appointment.
Auto Accident and Personal Injury Laws in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania state laws governing personal injury lawsuits and auto accident claims are very extensive. It is best to consult a qualified and experienced Philadelphia accident attorney in these matters. However, it is highly recommended that residents of the state be aware of at least the most basic of accident laws in effect.
There are essentially two laws that all residents should be familiar with. One is the statute of limitations which dictates that a lawsuit needs to be filed within a period of two years from the date of the accident, failing this, the lawsuit will be dismissed.
As per Philadelphia accident attorneys, the second law is that of Shared Fault. To understand the shared fault law let us assume that two persons “X and Y” are involved in a car crash and it is determined that X was at fault by 80% and Y was at fault by 20%. The shared fault law dictates that X should pay 80% of the damages and Y is accountable for the remaining 20%.

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