Because there are many different factors that could have caused you to engage in an accident in a work zone, hiring an accident attorney in Madison is suggested to ensure anyone who can be held accountable is.
Each day you probably find yourself driving to work, school, your local grocer, or anywhere else and have more than likely gotten caught in a buildup of traffic due to construction being done in a work zone. When the city is working to make improvements to the roadway, it often affects the flow of traffic and even increases the risk present on the roadways. This means that work zones could potentially increase your chance of engaging in an accident.

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Accidents are more likely to occur in work zones as the speed slows and drivers aren’t always paying attention.

If you consider the “work zone” you passed through in the past or even today while you were out driving, you were probably required to slow your vehicle as all the traffic reduced speed or you had to drive on an uneven roadway which made your vehicle shift a little. Sometimes, drivers aren’t paying attention or are texting on their phones and aren’t aware that the roadway has now become even more dangerous than it was before.
With that in mind, if you were involved in accident caused by a negligent driver or you believe the conditions brought on by the work zone caused your incident, you may be entitled to collect compensation for any vehicle damage or bodily injuries you sustained. USAttorneys features accident lawyers in Madison, Wisconsin who can help you obtain this.

What Factors Led to Fatal Work Zone Accidents?

There are many factors that contribute to accidents as well as how severe they are. Work zones usually have a lot of construction going on, cones in the road, trucks parked off to the side, and other types of equipment out on the streets. Sadly, this does increase the chance of a collision occurring and other factors have come into play that caused a roadway accident to become fatal. Below are some reasons highlighted by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

  • 133 accidents were fatal because the driver or other occupants weren’t wearing a seatbelt.
  • 172 were brought on by speeding.
  • 132 involved a driver who had consumed alcohol.
  • The time of day also plays a role in these types of accidents. 65% of the accidents occurred during the daytime while 35% transpired during the nighttime.
  • The fatal crashes occurred more frequently on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday than any other day of the week.
  • The time of year also contributed to the number of accidents that occurred in work zones. The summer months were when most of these accidents occurred.

Whether the city failed to warn motorists of the work zone conditions or another driver was reckless and you were injured in an accident, contact a Madison, WI accident lawyer today who will determine how much you claim may be worth.

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