Facts to know about the water contamination in Camp LeJeune

Traverse City, MI – For those who have heard about the lawsuits related to Camp LeJeune, there are specific reasons why some people are able to file a case for compensation. The litigation is focused on water contamination in the area, which happened over the course of several years and is known to have resulted in cancer and other serious health problems in certain individuals. There are law firms helping veterans with these cases, and they can explain how the process to receive compensation works.  

What caused the contamination?

The most likely explanation for the severe amount of contamination in the water supply was related to a few different problems in and around the base. There was a dry cleaning company off of the base, but close enough nearby, that may have been releasing chemicals into the ground or drains. It was also later discovered that fuel tankers which were stored underground had been leaking into the water. Other possible sources of contamination may have been the chemicals that were used to clean various pieces of military equipment. A combination of these issues affected the water supply for years.  

What caused health problems and cancer in victims?

There were some compounds found in the water used for drinking, cooking, and other residential purposes that are very dangerous if ingested. This includes benzene, vinyl chloride, degreasers, and other volatile organic compounds. These carcinogens were likely discovered in the water for several years before the government disclosed the dangers to the general public. After much research and attempts to hide the problem, victims were able to start bringing cases if they believed that they had developed health issues due to their time at the bast and the water contamination. 

Who is eligible to file a case?

The main period of focus for the litigation related to the base’s water contamination is 1953 to 1987. Anyone who was stationed at the base or nearby at this time could have been exposed to the contaminated water supply and developed serious health issues. The federal government has even passed a bill which set aside funding for eligible veterans who may have been affected during this time period. A lawyer can assist with the process to file a lawsuit and ensure that health problems caused by the government’s actions are paid for. 

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