Alabama laws may now mandate wearing a seat belt while driving but motorists still need to get used to wearing one. According to data from law enforcement agencies and by the University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Public Safety, as many as half of the state’s traffic fatalities are caused due to motorists not wearing a seat belt. Last year, over 700 people died on Alabama’s roadways in which half of the victims were without a seat belt.

If someone does not want to wear a seat belt why should the government get involved is what some people are trying to figure out? Certainly all children should wear seat belts.
Alabama DOT statistics prove more deaths
Statistics indicate that 723 people were killed in fatal accidents out of 130,940 accidents reported last year. Over 4,000 people were not wearing seat belts, which accounted for 310 deaths. According to Alabama state troopers, 79% of the people who lost their lives were in vehicles that had seat belts that were not used.
The Alabama Department of Transportation recently revived a traffic safety initiative Drive Safe Alabama to spread awareness amongst motorists about the major causes of road accident related injuries and fatalities. This includes speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence and neglecting to wear seat belts.
Fatalities in Montgomery County
In Montgomery County, 26 out of 8,500 people died in car accidents in 2014. As many as 122 motorists were not wearing a seat belt, leading to 14 fatalities. On the contrary, there were only six fatalities out of 6,900 people who wore safety belts. According to Capt. Jon Briggs of Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, a seat belt alone has the potential to save more lives while a majority of fatal accidents are due to people not wearing their seat belt. Other major causes are wildlife hits and drunk driving.
Autauga and Elmore Counties
Other counties like Autauga have reported 1,300 accidents out of which 9 were fatal, which included three deaths due to non-use of safety belts. Out of 1,180 people who wore seat belts at the time of an accident, four were killed. Failure to stop at a traffic signal or failure to yield led to three deaths in the county in 2014. Elmore County recorded 18 fatalities out of 1,799 traffic accidents in which 67 people were not wearing seat belts, leading to five deaths.
Of the 1,540 people who were wearing safety belts at the time of an accident, seven died. According to Montgomery AL accident attorneys, this is a clear indication that safety belts play an integral role in making journeys safer especially in the event of an accident. So far in 2015, 29 victims were found not wearing safety belts out of 44 traffic fatalities reported.
Montgomery AL accident attorneys urge individuals or their loved ones who have been injured in a car crash or have been wrongly accused of causing a crash to contact an accident attorney as soon as possible to protect their rights and be fairly compensated for their losses.
Car accidents could have an adverse impact on victims and their families with physical, financial, and emotional stress that could be hard to cope with. An experienced accident lawyer can help investigate, negotiate with insurers and aggressively present their case in court if that route is necessary.

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