Family of 25-Year-Old Oregon Man Killed in Road Rage Accident Still Waiting for Justice Almost 3 Years Later

It’s been nearly three years since Kevin Mayo was killed in an accident in Brookings, Oregon that occurred on December 15, 2017, and his family is still waiting for justice to be served. Mayo, who was only 25 years old at the time of his death, was riding his 2009 Yamaha motorcycle on I-5 heading north near milepost 27 when he was forced off the road by another driver [Source: NEWS 10]. Mayo was an army veteran and owned the Mayo Denture Center in Ashland with his brother.

After the tragic incident occurred, Mayo’s family waited for Raleigh Rodriguez, the driver involved in the accident, to be punished for his actions that led to their son’s death. Unfortunately, that has yet to happen. News 10 recently reported that while Rodriguez was arrested and charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter after the road rage incident occurred, he posted bail and was released from police custody—and he’s been out of jail ever since.


Mayo’s Case Has Yet to go Before a Court


Although a trial date was initially scheduled for Mayo’s case, it has been rescheduled nine times already. The news source says that the case was rescheduled seven times by the defense and once by the prosecutor. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the case back for the ninth time and a hearing has been scheduled for some time in October. Some of Mayo’s family members expressed to the news source the frustration they feel seeing that it’s been nearly three years and their case still has yet to go before a court.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic shut down many of the court’s operations, a large number of cases were pushed back which has led to Jackson County’s docket becoming overcrowded with cases. The source says that now that Jackson County is going through Phase 2 of its reopening, the court should be able to resume with proceedings.


Mayo’s Family Believes Their Son’s Case Isn’t Being Given Priority as it Should


While the court has rescheduled the hearing for October, Mayo’s mother, Kismet Mayo, cannot understand why the court cannot hold a trial now. She told the news source, “Why can’t we social distance in the courtroom? Why can’t we wear masks, why can’t we get justice for our son when all the rest of the country is opening back up?”

In the meantime, while the family waits for their day in court, they told the news source that they don’t know what else to do but protest in front of the Jackson County Courthouse.


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