Texas man Carlos Solis was killed as a result of sustaining serious neck injuries when the airbag installed in his car activated and sent a metal shard down his spine. According to reports, he was only involved in a very low-impact collision that should never have triggered off the airbag in the first place. His family’s accident attorney has filed a lawsuit which names Takata (the airbag manufacturer), Honda, and All Stars Autosales as the defendants.

Metal shard lodged in spine initially undetected
As per a report in Legal Examiner, the metal piece which entered Solis’ neck and ruptured crucial veins was in too deep for the police to see when they arrived. It caused profuse bleeding while Solis eventually bled to death despite his brother desperately trying to minimize the blood loss.
It was only later when at autopsy was performed that the metal shard was discovered lodged in the victim’s neck area. Honda did verify that the airbag had ruptured in the crash. They also confirmed that the car and similar models were recalled to fix the driver’s side air bag but it was never taken care of for some reason.
Victim not aware of recall
Further investigation revealed that Solis had never been notified of the recall by the car dealership that sold him the vehicle in 2014. Incidentally, almost hundreds of people have been injured and several have even died due to faulty Takata airbags. Automobile manufacturers are said to have recalled nearly 14 million vehicles in the US that are or were equipped with Takata airbags.
Truck Company Ryder and truck driver sued for fiery crash on I30
The families of a seriously injured woman have filed a lawsuit against Ryder and truck driver Dustin Wayne Pool through their accident attorney. As reported in Star Telegram, the horrific crash killed five people and injured 12.

Witness statements and police reports state that a BMW initially had collided with a concrete barrier and had pulled over to the right shoulder of Interstate 30 near Oakland Boulevard, to offer assistance, more cars pulled over and were all parked safely within the shoulder limits. As they were investigating the damage to the BMW and attempted to call a towing company for help, a Ryder truck which was being driven by Dustin Pool ploughed into the parked cars and caught fire.
According to the lawsuit, Ryder failed to impart proper training to their drivers and Dustin Pool is accused of not even attempting to avert the accident. Supposedly, he did not slowdown, swerve away, or even attempt to avoid the collision in any way. The lawsuit seeks in excess of $1 million in damages.
Do you qualify for injury compensation?
According to Plano TX accident lawyers, injury compensation cases are complex and certainly require standout attorneys with an abundance of first-hand experience to ensure that insurers do not refuse to pay claims by citing one of their many terms and conditions. If you are looking for a fantastic lawyer in Plano or anywhere else, there is only one website for you and that is USAttorneys.com.
In the state of Texas, personal injury attorneys are required to put forth sufficient evidence to prove that an insurance company or a driver who is not insured is obligated to pay for damages. If in case the injured or the affected victim who is seeking damages was even partially at fault for the accident, compensation maybe substantially reduced.

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