Two men from Montana succumbed to their injuries sustained in an accident recently on Saturday night that occurred just north of Watford City, as reported by

Horrendous driving
According to investigators, a 32-year old man identified as Dustin Jeane from Colorado was driving his pick-up truck in a southerly direction on State Highway 1806. He supposedly veered off the roadway during a distinct curve in the road and hit a highway sign board, as soon as this happened he yanked the steering wheel to the other side to try and get back on the road. Due to sudden jerking and over-correction, his pick-up toppled a few times and threw outejected Aaron Clark and Christopher Hoiland out onto the road.
Both Clark and Hoiland died on the spot according to responding emergency medical technicians. Clark was 28-years old and was originally from Billings. Hoiland was 32-years old and hailed from Glendive.

The driver, Jeane, also sustained moderate injuries but is currently hospitalized and in stable condition. Another passenger escaped unscathed. Both Jeane and the uninjured passenger had donned their seat belts, unlike the two that were ejected out of the moving vehicle. The best lawyers on the site cannot make you put on your seat belt but they can defend you rigorously in court or take the fight to the other side.
Supreme Court in Montana orders companies to not discard videos of workplace injuries
In a recent ruling, the Montana Supreme Court ordered that companies must not discard video graphic evidence from the time of workplace injuries even though authorities within the company conclude that the evidence is not relevant, as reported by
The new ruling was made as a result of a workplace injury case involving a railroad machinist. The machinist who initially filed claims in 2009 against his former employers – BNSF railway company, claimed that the company deliberately destroyed video recordings which would have served as evidence and would have proved his claims. Since this argument was made by his accident attorney, the court decided to give him a re-trial.
Calls made to company officials seeking comment have gone unanswered.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in the state of Montana
To being with, it is important to understand that anyone who is involved in a car accident or personal injury and wants to file claims in order to receive compensation must do so by consulting with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer or a Montana accident attorney who can be found on the site
This is a crucial step because anyone who is not very well-versed with the extensive state law surrounding auto accidents and personal injury claims simply do not stand a chance of successfully filing and winning an accident or personal injury lawsuit.
However, it is still beneficial for all residents of Montana to make themselves aware of some of the most basic laws regarding accidents and personal injuries.
First, everyone needs to understand that there exists a statute of limitations in the state which dictates that a lawsuit needs to be filed within a maximum time period of three years from the date of the accident/incident.
The other important thing that should be realized is that Montana is comparative fault state. This means that, if for instance, two people were involved in an accident, and it was concluded that one person was 70% at fault for the accident and the other person was at fault by 30%, then the person at fault by 70% is responsible for 70% of the financial damages and the other person is responsible for the remaining 30%.
If you have any questions about this, Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner, P.L.L.P. is the attorney you want on your side.

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