As per a 9&10 News report, a car crash that occurred in the early hours of the morning earlier this week claimed two lives in Emmet County. Investigators have confirmed that only one car was involved. Apparently, the car drove right into a grove of trees at the intersection of Middle Road and Lake Shore Drive near the settlement of West Traverse.
Emmet County Sheriff Wallin spoke to media and confirmed that a car with two occupants drove off the road and rolled over before crashing into the trees and finally coming to a halt. The driver and the passenger were both declared dead on the scene by paramedics who rushed to the scene after being dispatched as response to emergency calls that came in about the crash.
The car itself had completely disintegrated and the damages were such that it could only have been sustained by flipping over multiple times. The authorities are unsure as to when exactly the crash took place.
Accident constructors are investigating the crash site of the debris and the car itself trying to hypothetically re- simulate the accident to figure out what exactly transpired. Officers await toxicology reports, weather reports etc. to determine if alcohol or speeding was involved. They are also considering road conditions.
Victim of hayride accident filed lawsuit against city
An accident that occurred in 2013 is back under the scanner as a lawsuit has been filed by a woman that was on the hayride wagon and sustained injuries after it fell over and crashed. A probe into the matter has been rekindled after the allegations have resurfaced, as per a 9&10News report.
According to the lawsuit, Cynthia Cialone and her 11-year old daughter were both on the hayride wagon at Camp Dearborn in Milford when it toppled over and crashed. The woman claims that she sustained moderate to serious injuries and as a result incurred medical expenses. The lawsuit alleges that Cialone herself fractured her ribs and hurt her neck while her daughter sustained injuries to her arm and shoulder.

The driver of the wagon was charged with impaired driving and pleaded with no contest back in February of 2014. He may want to visit since even if the bricks are stacked against you the outstanding local attorneys on this site can be of assistance to you and prevent the entire book from being tossed at you. If you need any legal help for any legal manner, this is the site for you.
They took the risk – now they are complaining
The City of Dearborn have filed a petition asking for the lawsuit to be dismissed as they claim Cynthia and other passengers on board had all signed an agreement before embarking on the hayride journey.
According to Michigan accident attorneys, there were several other people on the hayride that day and the city faces five other lawsuits also related to the same accident. None of these people knew this guy was drunk before they got onto the ride?
Man sentenced to 10 days for fiery crash that killed pregnant woman
Clarence Quentin Heath Junior has been sentenced to 10 days in jail and two years on probation, as reported by Detroit News. His license will be revoked for a year and he will also have to pay fines totaling to about $4,000 in relation to a crash that killed Kayla White and her unborn baby in November of this year.
According to the family’s accident attorney, they finally feel like they have gotten some closure with regards to the tragic crash in which 23-year old pregnant Kayla White died after her car was rear ended by Heath’s car at approximately 70 miles per hour. The impact also caused a sudden fire and White’s car was engulfed in flames.

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