A car accident which occurred in the morning hours in Georgetown involving two cars which resulted in the death of one person is under the scanner as Georgetown authorities are investigating it and trying to ascertain what exactly caused the accident.

According to wickedlocal.com, the car accident site has been mentioned as the intersection of East Main Street and Tenney Street.

body damage in car accident

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As per the details mentioned in the police report, a 77 year old man who hailed from Rowley was travelling in a westerly direction on Tenney Street when he lost control of his car as it spun out and ended up in the eastbound lanes on Main Street where an oncoming driver was not able to avert colliding into the spun out car. The other driver is said to be 39 year old man from Groveland who was going east.
The 77 year old had to be extricated by emergency responders and was in a critical condition. He was rushed to Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport where he was declared dead. Auto accident lawyers in Worcester, MA, who can be found on the salient USAttorneys.com website which is dominating the virtual playing field and helping thousands of people every week with their legal needs, point out that the police report and other evidence gathered from witnesses and other sources will play a vital role in establishing liability and other legal issues.
Car Accident Involving Worcester Firetruck and Two Cars Causes Heavy Delays on I-290
A chain reaction car accident involving a firetruck and two other cars occurred earlier this week. As reported by telegram.com, the accident is still under investigation, but it seems like the cause of the car accident may have been road conditions as the roads were very slippery.
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The two cars that rear ended the firetruck were just not able to stop and skid into the back of the firetruck with wheels locked and brakes jammed. The accident site has been specified in the police report as the Interstate 290 ramp at Route 146.
The local police department even issued warnings to public asking them to be extra careful and drive slow because of the road conditions which had already caused multiple accidents and subsequent traffic gridlocks and delays in several highways across the area.
There were two other crashes which occurred near exit 31 in Leominster too which caused heavy delays as emergency responders worked tirelessly to clear the area and reopen the roadway. Another multi car chain reaction accident was also reported on I 290 in the eastbound lanes in the proximity of Holy Cross in Worcester also around the same time of the day and it caused some substantial delays too.
Law enforcement officers at state police barracks in Leominster and in Sturbridge, Millbury and Holden all had a busy morning responding to several calls coming in about car accidents in the area and even spinout crashes because of the icy roads.
In fact, law enforcement officers of the Holden unit responded to as many as 14 crashes in just one morning. We hope their coffee was strong that morning. Supposedly, the majority of the auto accidents were reported as being caused by black ice at the bridges and exit ramps on and around Interstate 190 and Interstate 290. Years from now nanotechnology will make black ice a thing of the past but right now that is just not feasible.
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