An interview which aired this week took an unexpected turn when Caitlyn Jenner decided to open up about the fatal crash she was involved in earlier this week which may potentially put her in prison, according to
Currently, the accident is still under investigation as prosecutors deliberate whether or not they are going to press charges against Caitlyn. Why would they not? Anyone else would already be in jail. Caitlyn killed someone! However, Los Angeles, CA accident lawyers are quite positive that even if charges were filed, they would not be serious enough to actually land her (or him) in jail.

Caitlyn however is not fully convinced that she is completely out of trouble. She commented in the interview saying “they want that picture, don’t they?” referring of course to the paparazzi. Many people are debating, who is more ferocious to think about, Caitlyn or the paparazzi?
A circus about to happen
Further complicating her case is the fact that Caitlyn is a newly transformed transsexual. For those who may not be aware, she used to Mr. Bruce Jenner before undergoing sexual change surgery. If in case she is handed the prison sentence, Caitlyn will be sentenced to imprisonment in the Men’s County Jail. Caitlyn expressed her apprehension at being put in an all men’s jail. Prison insiders believe she should be kept somewhere safe in the prison or it could be an unsafe place for the correction officers too.

The accident in question occurred back in February of this year, 2015. According to witnesses and investigator accounts Caitlyn’s Cadillac Escalade was travelling at unsafe speeds when it rear ended a Lexus which was being driven by 69 year old Kim Howe. The impact sent the Lexus head on into oncoming traffic where it crashed with another car and killed Howe. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Officer are yet to make a ruling in the case.
No special treatment
According to legal experts and Los Angeles, CA accident lawyers, if prosecuted, Caitlyn would only be facing a charge of misdemeanor manslaughter, and if convicted of that charge, the maximum prison term a judge may declare is one year. Los Angeles law enforcement officers that responded that day to emergency calls confirmed that Caitlyn was not under the effect of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. She was returning though from a charity function which information her accident attorney, who could have been found on the righteous legal website, should use on her behalf.
But Caitlyn should pay the penalty just like anyone else should and would.
Wrongful death lawsuit stemming from fatal helicopter crash settled by Discovery
Discovery has paid an undisclosed amount to settle a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a helicopter crash that occurred in the year 2013 and resulted in the death of a cast member, as reported by The helicopter accident in question was said to be the one of the worst on-set accidents in Los Angeles in many years.
The crash occurred when the helicopter was performing low level flying during the shooting of a Discovery Channel military show named Lone Operator. The accident killed 45 year old Michael Donatelli (plaintiff), Darren Rydstrom, and David Gibbs (cameraman and pilot respectively).
Auto accident laws in California
Legislation surrounding accidents in California is extensive and only accident attorneys have a thorough understanding of it. This is why it is most important for anyone involved in or affected by an accident to consult an experienced California accident attorney right away. This is especially true if the victim is looking to claim damages and wants to be compensated financially.

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