A man who hails from Marietta, Georgia has been killed in a fatal car-motorcycle accident that occurred in Kennesaw on Friday last week, according to a patch.com report. The victim was said to have been riding on a motorcycle in the proximity of Town Center Mall, when a car turned into his path causing him to swerve to avoid colliding with the car. He was thrown off his motorcycle and succumbed to his injuries.

The decedent has been identified by investigators as 21 year old Kyle Bowersox. The accident site has been described as the crossing between George Busbee Parkway and Town Center Mall in the proximity of Cobb County. Bowersox’s family should have a stellar Marietta, Georgia accident lawyer working for them very soon.
According to investigators and eye witnesses, Bowersox was launched from the seat of his motorcycle when he suddenly applied the brakes to avoid ramming into a Scion which had turned into his path. Bowersox’s motorcycle continued without him and ploughed into the Scion driven by 16 year old Nathan Rotko. The impact sent the Scion spinning into a third car, a Mazda driven by 21 year old William Tweedy. Both Rotko and Tweedy escaped unscathed.
People examining the exterior damage to their vehicles after a car crash
Not good for Rotko
It seems likely that prosecutors will press charges against Rotko for ignorantly causing the accident, and failing to keep a good lookout.
School bus accident results in two persons sustaining injuries 
A motor accident that occurred on Knox Bridge Highway near Marietta Highway involved four vehicles, including a school bus. Thankfully, no children were hurt in the accident, as reported by wsbtv.com. One of the drivers involved has been slapped with charges.
Two drivers of one of the cars were rushed to nearby medical facility for treatment. Fortunately, health care professionals have confirmed that they are both in a stable condition and will soon make a full recovery much to the satisfaction of Marietta, Georgia accident attorneys.
It is not entirely clear as to how or why the accident was caused. The crash is still under investigation. Ultimately, after a lot of swerving and near misses, one car rear ended the bus. According to investigators, it is lucky that the crash wasn’t fatal as there was another bus on scene at the time and it could well have been much worse. Most vehicles involved in the crash have said to be in bad condition.
Car accident legislation in Georgia
According to Marietta Georgia accident lawyers, the state has an extensive set of laws to deal with accident based litigation. Some of the important points to remember when it comes to these laws are the statute of limitations and Georgia’s comparative fault rules.
The statute of limitations basically allows a maximum time period of two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit seeking damages. On the other hand, the comparative fault law holds everyone responsible for the accident liable for damages. Their liability depends on the extent of their fault/negligence.
These are just two basic laws, there are literally thousands more and so we urge anyone involved in an accident (either seeking compensation or defending themselves) to appoint a qualified and experienced Georgia accident lawyer to help navigate them through the legal issues. You can reach and find some of the finest accident attorneys in the area on this marvelous and rising legal website: USAttorneys.com.

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