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Construction accidents often lead to fatal outcomes. Those family members who lost a loved one can come forward and seek justice for the wrongful death of their loved one.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there have been a total of 74 fatal work injuries that occurred in the state of MN in 2015. While the majority of these fatalities occurred in transportation incidents, contact with objects accounted for 17 of these accidents. Construction is generally the type of environment where these accidents occur and is often a line of work that is known to pose many risks to those employed in the field. This is why a construction worker’s safety is expected to be placed as top priority to ensure these accidents don’t occur. Sadly, some families are now without a member because of the work-related incidents that occurred.
If you lost someone you love in a construction accident and have yet to file a claim for their wrongful death, you can do so now with the help of a Minneapolis, MN accident lawyer featured on USAttorneys.com. In some instances, these incidents occur and nobody is to blame, but is most of cases, someone was negligent in some way or another and you could be compensated for the death of the your loved one that could have, and should have, been prevented.

Recent Accident Led to Death of Construction Worker in Minnesota

In recent news, CBS Minnesota reported that a construction worker was involved in a fatal accident where he passed away on February 20, 2017. Apparently, David Earl Hyde, 38, was unloading metal pipes from a trailer when one came off and landed on him. He died from the impact as the pipe was estimated to weigh 2,500 pounds. The incident occurred on Highway 169 and Bren Road in the early hours of the afternoon. The news report neglected to report any further details regarding the matter but it can be assumed that an investigation is going to be conducted to determine how this incident occurred and why this massive pipe slipped out and crushed Hyde.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that back in 2015,

  • 17 people were killed in an accident where they made contact with an object and/or equipment.
  • 11 died after being struck by an object or some type of equipment.
  • 5 people were involved in a fatal accident where they were caught in or compressed by equipment or objects.


When is Hiring an Accident Attorney Necessary?

Anyone who has been involved in a work-related accident, regardless of the field, is urged to come forward and receive some guidance and advice that the recommended Minneapolis, MN accident lawyers on USAttorneys can offer. You could be eligible to receive compensation for many of the damages you have experienced including the medical bills that have accrued and all that pain and suffering you have had to endure.
For those who have lost a loved one, you too are recommended to reach out to a lawyer in your city and learn the ways in which you can hold those accountable for the wrongful death of your loved one.

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