The shooting of the movie Midnight Rider has taken a plot twist that no one expected. 27-year old Sarah Jones passed away in a freak accident which has been attributed to the director’s negligence.

The movie was to be a depiction of American rock and blues singer-songwriter Gregg Allmans life.
They did not hear the train coming?
CSX, a transportation company that runs trains, report that they repeatedly denied permission to the movie crew to shoot at the Altamaha River Bridge due to safety concerns. However, this denial was not going to stop the movie crew from gaining access to the site. The crew were able to hash out a deal with a property owner, who owned the property adjacent to the Altamaha river bridge site. They eventually gained access to the site via the neighboring property despite being prohibited by CSX.
A train that was travelling at a speed of 56 miles per hour collided with a metal bed, which was being used as a prop on the movie set, this collision sent debris flying into the crew. The force was such that it killed Sarah Jones and injured six other crew members.
The national transportation safety board released its official report in which they concluded that the movie crew’s unlawful entrance into the site is what caused the accident.
The director’s accident attorney has confirmed that he has since pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and involuntary manslaughter and has been given a 10-year sentence including a two year prison term.
Teenager, Ashli Mitchell, faces several charges for accident that killed walking pedestrian
18-year old teen Ashli Mitchell has been arrested for an accident that occurred on Franklin road on Sunday night. Reportedly, the teen was driving down the road with her toddler and another occupant when all of a sudden she lost control of the vehicle and collided with 78-year old Joe Lewis Burns, after which it went through a fence and finally down an embankment where it came to a stop.
Joe Lewis Burns of Marietta was out for a walk when his life was taken away from him. In an interview, Burns’ daughter said that her father was a big hearted man and despite what happened she forgives the driver and hopes Mitchell will reflect on the incident.
According to Atlanta GA accident attorneys, the teenager faces numerous charges that include second degree homicide by a car, failure to drive properly in the lane, driving too fast in that environment, lack of child restraint, improper depth in terms of the tire tread, and driving without a license. Mitchell is obviously not the brightest person around but even people like her can be rewarded by spending some time on this site: This website is loaded with some of the best attorneys in the country on it and has choices nationwide for people who need legal help.
Bill proposed to cut short the time taken for plaintiff’s to sue over workplace injuries
A new proposal was made at the joint meeting of the house and senate committees on insurance and labor. The proposal was to cut down the amount of time granted to workers to file claims for workplace injuries or other workplace caused conditions with the State Board of Workers’ compensation.
Atlanta GA accident attorneys say that if the bill is passed, HB536 (house bill), will reduce the time allotted to workers to file complaints from five years to two years.
Proponents of the bill claim that this time reduction would result in a decrease in insurance premiums which in turn would allow companies to hire more employee’s or give them pay raises.
The committees, however, were not moved and did not take any action. They instead referred the bill to a 110-member advisory board that consists of employers, insurance providers, and accident attorneys. The Board will review the bill before any legislation can take place.

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