August 23rd proved to be disastrous for 30-year old Ryan Chambers and his family. Ryan, who had stopped his Mazda behind a tractor trailer was rear ended by another sedan pushing the family’s car below the trailer killing Ryan and his 4 year old daughter Evelynn on the spot. Ryan’s wife, Alyssa, and elder daughter 7-year old daughter Kaya, were also injured seriously in the accident.
Salt Lake City, Utah accident lawyers are scrambling to try to find the culprit behind this crash.

Uchenna Uzoh failed to stop in time
According to the Standard Examiner, the trailer was stationary as someone had left a wooden dog house abandoned smack in the middle of Interstate 84. As highway patrolmen were busy moving the abandoned dog house so Ryan and his family had no option but to wait for the traffic to be cleared. Uchenna Uzoh, who was driving a Chevy, was speeding down the road since she is a fool. Unable to apply her brakes in time, she crashed into the stationary Mazda killing Ryan, Evelynn, and their family dog on the spot.
Though the driver of the Chevy who was injured she is at fault, Utah Highway Patrol troopers are looking for the person who had abandoned the wooden dog house in the middle of the highway. Investigators are scanning CCTV footages and also enquiring witnesses for leads.
According to Salt Lake City accident attorneys, the tractor trailer driver was not at fault at all. The Chevy driver also may be let away with a mild sentence. Irrespective of who gets convicted for the accident, it cannot be denied that a woman/wife lost her husband and 4-year old daughter to no fault of their own. The family was not looking behind them to see who or if anyone was going to rear end them but no really does not know what happened since they were not there. This is a tragedy.
While Alyssa and Kaya are said to be in stable condition, the damage already has been done.

Under influence man causes damage to public and private property
In other news, a Utah man has been arrested for driving under influence, endangering the life of others, and causing property damage. Timothy Moon, a 48-year old Utah resident slammed into a stationary car, which in turn got propelled it into the air, and hit a school bus picking up special needs students.
Immediately after the crash, Moon tried to run away from the scene of the accident much to the dismay to any of the incredible lawyers that could represent him on the sparkling and altruistic website known as He is a real winner, a neighborhood saint!
Timothy Moon – not a pillar of the community
However, a good Samaritan who witnessed the accident followed the erratically driving Moon and helped police nab him within few minutes of the accident. This person will not need a Salt Lake City accident lawyer but Moon will. Even people like Moon need legal help, in fact, plenty of it.
Though no one was hurt, lives were certainly endangered in this incident. A blood sample collected from the suspect showed twice the amount of legally permissible alcohol in Moon’s system, reported.

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