Fayetteville, North Carolina – Do You Need a Skilled Accident Lawyer?

night time accident

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In Fayetteville, tragedy struck when Rosehill Road became the scene of a devastating crash. The aftermath of the incident left 59-year-old Eric Manning fatally injured, while Xandrina Smith, 42, fought for her life, critically injured. It is times like these that remind us of the importance of having a reliable accident lawyer by our side.


According to eyewitness accounts and investigators, Smith lost control of her SUV while driving north on Rosehill Road. Tragically, this loss of control led to a head-on collision with Manning, who was traveling in the opposite direction. The collision claimed Manning’s life and left Smith with life-threatening injuries.


Fortunately, Rosehill Road has now reopened, restoring the flow of traffic from Rutledge Drive to Tamarack Drive. However, the emotional toll of such accidents lingers long after the road is clear. To seek justice and navigate the complex legal process ahead, it is crucial to have an experienced accident lawyer advocating for your rights.


In another distressing incident, an unfortunate moped driver lost their life in a rear-end collision on Interstate 295, between the McArthur Road and Murchinson Road exits. Shockingly, this single incident involved multiple vehicles, with at least three cars striking the vulnerable moped driver. The gravity of the situation necessitates a swift and thorough investigation, entrusted to the capable hands of Fort Liberty Military Police.


Although I-295 at McArthur Road has since reopened, the scars of this tragic accident serve as a solemn reminder of the hazards that can befall innocent individuals on the road. When confronted with such hardships, it becomes evident that securing the expertise of a skilled accident lawyer in Fayetteville North Carolina is of paramount importance.


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