This seems like a rehash of the Ferguson incident which raised many eyebrows all over the country but lowered them when they realized and saw that Michael Brown was a bully and a thug. In Martinez, California, a police officer shot dead an unarmed man last Wednesday.
According to the initial reports, the police officer Wallace Jensen has said in his statement that he was worried about the man – 24 year old Richard ‘Pedie’ Perez – was going to take his gun and shoot him which is why he decided to fight him and in the process accidentally ended up fatally shooting him.

The incident has made the county seat of Contra Costa, California accident site of strong importance as of now. Even as some gangsters and bullies in the country are reeling from the aftermath of the Ferguson incident, this accident has come as shocker because it is just incredible how many thugs are out there that do not respect the police. They do not respect a person in uniform and they do not respect society’s laws.
Shooting happened in September
Officer Wallace Jensen shot Perez outside a liquor store in Martinez in September. Testifying for the first time after the incident, Jensen said that when he saw Perez put his hand on his gun, he was worried that the man would wrestle his gun away from him. So instead he decided to fight off Perez and open fire. Jensen fired three rounds at Perez who according to the police reports had been caught causing ‘problems’ at a local liquor store.
That is another issue with these losers―they do not respect businesses.
Store clerk said victim was causing problems
The accidental shooting happened when on September 14th of this year, Officer Jensen was passing by the store Uncle Sam’s Liquors. A store clerk called out to the officer and asked him to handle a customer – Perez – who had apparently been creating a nuisance as many thugs and disrespectful people do. Officer Jensen testified that he had asked Perez to sit down, as he could see that the man was unsteady on his feet and was swaying side to side (a pathologist later testified that Perez indeed had a high blood alcohol level at the time of the accident).

As the officer tried to get hold of help over the police radio, Perez got up from where he was sitting and started to walk. Jensen then tried to grab Perez from behind, sweeping out his legs and landing him on the ground. But Perez got back to his feet again, causing the canine officer to tackle him with a judo throw and call for immediate backup.
The officer was in his full right to deploy these tactics.
Officer was scared victim would grab his gun
Officer Jensen says that he kept repeating to Perez that he was under arrest and should stop resisting. But instead, Perez began pulling on the officer’s gun. The officer then stood away from Perez, and aimed at the drunk man. As Perez kept advancing towards him, Officer Jensen fired his first shot and then two more as he kept walking towards him even after.
The Contra Costa accident attorneys hired by Perez’ parents have argued that the witness questioning in the case has not been vigorous enough. The jury returned a verdict that Perez had died ‘at the hands of another man’, from causes other than an accident. There is no news yet whether of Officer Jensen will be charged for the shooting that many people believe he had the right to make.
This is California though, many citizens there side with drunk thugs and not wonderful police officers such as Jensen who were helping out a small business.

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