A woman was killed and a boy was airlifted to Children’s Hospital Colorado after being involved in a 5-car crash in Lakeland, CO. The collision happened just after 7:00 a.m. when a pickup truck crashed into the back of a minivan at West Alameda Avenue and South Oak Street. There were three other vehicles stopped at a red light in front of the mini-van, however, the minivan seemed to have suffered the brunt of the damage. 9 News was one to cover the story and highlighted that an investigation was being conducted to determine why the accident occurred. According to the news source, alcohol and drugs are said to not be a factor in causing the accident, however, police are waiting for test results before the two can be ruled out.
Just a few days before this tragic accident was yet another that occurred in Centennial, just 20 minutes away from Lakewood, CO. According to 9 News, a portion of I-25 is being compared to the Bermuda Triangle with the increased number of incidents that are transpiring on one particular portion of the interstate. The segment of the highway that has continued to make news headlines is between Belleview Avenue and Arapahoe. Accidents have been constantly occurring on this stretch of the interstate, yet a South Metro Fire Rescue spokesman can’t seem to figure out why they keep occurring. Apparently, there is nothing hazardous that sticks out in this particular area yet it is prone to having crashes transpire here.

I-25 Actually Has a “Gloomy” Past

Although there is no sign of danger on I-25 where these car accidents continually take place, the past proves it has always been an area where they seem to occur more frequently than other areas on the interstate. Back in 1959, a truck hauling cattle flipped resulting in 17 cows dying. A butcher came out and used the cattle to have a community barbeque. In 1985, a plane attempted to make an emergency landing and crashed on the highway as well. Since, then, this area of I-25 continues to make news headlines.

Accident attorneys in Lakeland, CO

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While some accidents cannot be explained, there are plenty that occur with a clear cause. Drunk driving, distracted driving, and reckless driving are all common causes of auto accidents today. And Colorado has seen its fair share of collisions in 2016. According to Colorado State Patrol, there were a total of 21,910 crashes in the state last year. So far, this year, there have been approximately 21,717, however, the year still has a solid month left. Among the number of crashes that occurred this year in Colorado, 2,801 were injury-related collisions. As we can see, accidents continue to transpire on Colorado roadways.
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