New Orleans, LA – Five employees of the company responsible for the poor construction that led to the Warrior Dash accident in New Orleans may be arrested.
The Advocate reports that the Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office plans to arrest five contractors who built the construction that collapsed at this past Warrior Dash, injuring over 20 competitors. Deputy Brant Thompson, the State Fire Marshal Chief, says that the structural collapse required an investigation that lasted several months.
The investigation looked into how the race’s host, Red Frog Events, LLC, built and monitored the obstacles. Investigators determined that the collapse of the obstacle at Warrior Dash was because of “shoddy construction,” and due to Red Frog Events’ negligence in monitoring the obstacle construction. They also failed in managing the emergency and safety procedures immediately following the New Orleans accident.
Just how bad was the construction? According to Thompson, “It truly is a thousand wonders” that none of the other obstacles fell. When asked about the safety procedures, he said “young children” were assigned to stations at the obstacles, were given radios, and then were told to keep an eye out for safety violations. However, no instructions were ever given out, particularly about how many participants should be allowed on a structure at any given time.

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Due to the company’s negligence, five arrest warrants were filed on August 18th Friday morning in the Louisiana 20th Judicial District Court for both company contractors and employees. Despite some contractors and employees no longer working with Red Frog Events, Thompson said that both parties “in the next coming weeks … (are) expected to turn themselves in” because they were affiliated with the company at the time of the accident in Louisiana.
The arrest warrants allege the employees are guilty of engaging in business of contracting without authority and negligent injury, and the contractors are guilty of negligent injuring. The people being charged include current employees Emily A. Littlejohn, age 27, and Megan E. Gaseor, age 25, and former employee Mary A. Kreke, age 24.
After the structure collapsed over a dozen people had to be hospitalized, according to U.S. News. Injuries included cuts, head injuries, and broken bones.
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