Auto accidents are governed by an extensive set of laws in Florida. While it is not pragmatic to expect all Florida residents or motorists to know all of these laws like the back of their hands, it is always prudent to be familiar with the basic laws and how accident litigation works in Florida because accidents are something that may happen to anyone at any time. Having said that, just basic knowledge of the laws will not be enough to win or defend in an accident case.
The expertise of a qualified and experienced Florida accident lawyer is most certainly required and anyone that has been adversely affected by the negligence of someone else on the roads of Miami or anywhere else in the Sunshine State will need an attorney to be able to fully recoup their financial losses for the damages that they have incurred as a result of the accident.

Texting and driving – a new threat to public safety
Another dangerous trend that we are beginning to see more of day by day is that on texting and driving. In fact, some studies have shown that a driver that is distracted by his or her cell phone is worse that a driver impaired by alcohol consumption.
With the rampant usage of cell phones in our day to day lives, more and more people are taking real risks by attending to text messages while behind the wheel, this poses a risk to the safety of the distracted driver and also other motorists and pedestrians on the roads. Therefore, lawmakers in Florida have drafted and passed a section of laws exclusively to deal with and restrict or prohibit the practice of texting and driving.
To be more specific, the state has instituted a whole section of legislation termed “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law”, according to Miami, FL accident attorneys. If you are in a legal corner and need an accident lawyer, a site has been generated for people in your exact circumstance. That site is

Difficult to obtain hardened evidence
The challenging part however is to enforce these laws. Unlike in the case of a drunken driver, it is very difficult to successfully charge and convict a driver of texting while driving simply because of the lack of evidence. For drunken driving, law enforcement officers and prosecutors use toxicology reports, breathalyzers, and field sobriety tests as evidence in a court of law to effectively prove that the suspect was in fact intoxicated.
However, there are no such techniques to apprehend and convict a driver that is distracted by his or her phone. Officers rely on their eyes, their own testimonies, and statements by other witnesses when it comes to texting and driving charges.
Evolution in the legal world
If in case you are caught red handed, there are consequences. Legal experts across the nation are mostly in agreement that while these penalties are not as severe as those for drunken driving, the issue will continue to persist. On top of this, the laws will change over time to accommodate much more serious punishments for distracted drivers which may include felony charges and prison time especially in cases where the distracted driver has caused an accident, injury, or death.
As of now, distracted drivers are faced with noncriminal traffic infraction but the prosecution is allowed to resort to your phone logs to prove their case. Your Miami, FL accident lawyer will certainly let you know all about this. Do you want one of the best? Then click right here.

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