Single-Vehicle Car Crash in Jackson County, Mississippi Kills 4-Month-Old Baby

On Friday, 21st August, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) received reports of an accident on I-75. On rushing to the spot near Fletcher Avenue, the FHP found that a pick-up truck carrying three people had overturned and crashed into a tree. One of the passengers, a 16-year old girl, succumbed to her injuries.


How did the accident happen?

The FHP personnel who reported to the accident scene narrated that the pick-up truck, driven by an 18-year old male driver, lost control and went off the road while trying to overtake another car on I-75. The vehicle then overturned and hit a tree. The girl, who was the only casualty of the accident, was ejected from the vehicle. It is believed that she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Further investigation on the matter is presently ongoing. The driver and the other passengers escaped relatively unscathed and sustained only a few minor injuries. The authority has not yet released the names of the victims. Once the investigation is complete, we are likely to receive more information and details. 


The role of accident lawyers here

Any accident that leads to injury or loss of lives is a highly unfortunate event. In the case of the recent Florida car crash, a young and hopeful life was cut short, and the grief caused to the girl’s family is inconsolable. In such moments, when you are weighed down by grief and can’t make sense of anything, accident lawyers are a boon. They look into the legal aspect. 

As the name suggests, accident lawyers, also referred to as personal injury lawyers, are professionals who provide legal representation to the victims of various kinds of accidents. The primary aim is to pursue compensation for those who were adversely affected during the mishap. The settlement that the plaintiff demands may be on the grounds of health expenses, loss of employment, mental anguish, and likewise. Whatever be the demand, accident lawyers are instrumental in building a legal basis for these claims and representing the victim in the court of law. Also, accident lawyers guide the victim with insurance claims and keep them from doing anything that would make those claims null and void.

Accident lawyers charge for services on a contingent fee basis. The attorney’s fee comes in only after securing a jury verdict or a settlement for the plaintiff. Since personal injury lawyers often finance the cases, the team judges the merits of the situation by carrying out a comprehensive inquiry. Some points to look into at the onset of the case are who is liable for the accident, how much compensation should his/her client (the victim side) ask for, and then extended supporting evidence.

It is not yet known whether the family of the victim in the Florida car crash has hired an accident lawyer to represent them. It seems we would have to wait until the investigation on the accident concludes.