Boca Raton, FL – The state of Florida sees hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle collisions each year. These involve all types of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even pedestrians. Despite the fact that the state government makes efforts to reduce these numbers each year through safety programs, it is still possible that a driver can get into a serious accident on any given day. Injured drivers and passengers should consider talking with a lawyer after they are harmed, even if they have an insurance policy. 

Accident data from the Florida DHSMV

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are approximately 400,000 accidents in Florida each year, which averages out to about 1,100 each day. About 5,000 of those car crashes involve impaired drivers. Property damage only, without any injuries to the people involved, is the result of about half of all of the annual collisions in the state. 

The department also codes accidents based on problematic driving such as speeding, reckless actions, and running through stop signs and red lights. Many collisions include multiple such behaviors that are recorded among the cars involved. There are also differences in mortality rates depending on if a driver was wearing a seatbelt or other protective equipment at the time of the collision. Evidence of these traffic violations can be crucial in determining fault in a civil lawsuit. 

Drivers who are harmed during a collision

As these numbers show, it is certainly possible to be involved in a serious auto accident. The victim may not be able to work for an extended period of time, have to stay in the hospital, and experience emotional and psychological trauma caused by the collision. All of these problems cost money, and the losses may not be covered under an insurance policy. However, there are also lawyers who assist clients with the process of getting payment through lawsuits and related actions. A lawsuit can add up the total value of all of these problems, and attempt to make the driver at fault pay for all of them. This is true whether the driver was operating a commercial vehicle or a standard car. In cases where a commercial vehicle is involved, the business that owns and operates it will normally pay out any damages or a settlement agreement. 

Personal injury attorneys can assist with accident lawsuits

Victims should carefully consider their options after sustaining an injury in any kind of motor vehicle accident. Rosenberg Injury Law is an experienced firm in Boca Raton that guides clients through the process of a civil case and receiving payment for their losses and injuries. 

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