Boca Raton, FL – A number of drivers are injured each year by individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When this happens, the victim has a right to bring a civil lawsuit, and the violations for impaired driving can be used as evidence of negligence that will assist the plaintiff. Some attorneys deal with these cases routinely and focus their practice on assisting all kinds of accident victims. 

Statistics for accidents caused by driving under the influence

According to NHTSA, about 25% of all people who pass away in traffic accidents were affected by an intoxicated driver. About 800 people are injured in these kinds of accidents every day nationally. Young people who are between the ages of 21 and 24 are most likely to cause these kinds of accidents and be arrested for offenses related to impaired driving. These kinds of accidents are common because someone with a high level of alcohol or drugs in their system is seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident during their drive when compared with a sober driver going the same distance. 

Investigating impaired drivers at the accident scene

Illegal driving under the influence is discovered by the state when they respond to the scene and begin their investigation. Police officers at the crash will find that a driver shows signs of being impaired based on their training. They will have the driver take a series of physical tests at the scene, and later take chemical tests to see if their blood contains alcohol or illegal substances. This is important for the victim because this evidence can be used in a civil lawsuit against the driver, as well as a criminal prosecution. The suspect may face both criminal charges from the state, and a civil lawsuit that is used to pay for the victim’s losses and expenses for things like hospital bills.  

Evidence of these offenses at a civil trial

During a civil trial for fault in an accident, the plaintiff’s attorney does not have to prove that the driver was responsible for the crash beyond all reasonable doubt. The civil courts use a lower burden of proof that only requires clear and convincing evidence that the defendant was at fault. Violation of a criminal law does not prove fault, but it can be used as strong evidence of negligence at a trial or during settlement negotiations. 

A lawsuit can help after any kind of accident

Victims can receive compensation for their losses if they file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a licensed attorney in Florida. Rosenberg Injury Law helps victims get paid for things like medical treatment and lost income in the Boca Raton area

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