Florida drivers need insurance coverage, but a lawsuit may be necessary after an accident

Boca Raton, FL – Drivers in Florida are required to carry auto insurance by state law. This is similar to every other state in the U.S., although the specifics of insurance requirements can vary slightly depending on where the car is registered. All drivers must have some kind of basic liability coverage, along with other forms of protection that is meant to help cover losses in case of an accident

Florida’s insurance requirements for driver

Every driver must have some kind of valid insurance policy in place to operate their vehicles on the state’s highways and other roads. Anyone who does not have the policy in place while they are driving and the ability to present proof of insurance to a law enforcement officer may be cited and fined. 

According to the Department of Safety and Highway Vehicles website, all vehicles with a current Florida registration must have both property damage liability and personal injury protection coverage. This coverage must be maintained as long as the vehicle is actively registered in the state, even if it is not being actively used or driven. 

It is possible for drivers to be covered for larger amounts. Motorists in the state can contact a commercial insurance provider to get valid coverage that meets their needs or add additional options. 

Basic insurance limits

A standard insurance policy will only cover approximately $10,000 worth of losses for property damage liability and personal injury protection, as these are the minimum coverage amounts. Some accidents result in much larger losses that may not be covered by insurance. This is especially true when an accident caused a long term hospital stay, extended periods of time away from work, and other losses that may be tied to continuing medical treatment and a diminished ability to earn wages. 

Filing a lawsuit for damages

Regardless of the size of the financial losses and the insurance coverage in place, a personal injury lawyer can attempt to bring a lawsuit that will pay for all of these costs. Damages for cases that cause life changing injuries and long term emotional pain and suffering can possibly add up to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Anyone who is curious about the potential value of their lawsuit needs to consult with a local injury attorney to get more information about the specific value of their case. 

Meeting with an attorney for the first time

Victims who have questions about injury lawsuits, the possibility of compensation, and related issues can get help from a local lawyer in South Florida. Rosenberg Injury Law is a firm in Boca Raton that assists clients with these kinds of issues every day. 

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