Florida Man Escapes Serious Injuries After His McLaren was “Mangled” in an Accident on I-95

Accidents on I-95 are a daily occurrence in South Florida as many drivers are speeding, distracted, or engaging in reckless behavior. While most of these accidents end with someone suffering serious or life-threatening injuries, others defy the odds and walk away with minor injuries. It appears this was the case in a car crash that occurred last week involving a McLaren sports car.

Yahoo! News reported that a McLaren had been involved in a wreck in the northbound lanes of I-95 near Woolbright Rd. in Delray Beach last week. It was during the early morning hours when the incident occurred, leaving the driver stuck inside. After Delray Beach Fire Rescue arrived at the accident scene, they extricated the man and to their surprise, found that he had only suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The McLaren, however, wasn’t so lucky as Fire Rescue workers say it was mangled.

The driver of the McLaren was eventually transported to Delray Medical Center for treatment. The source shared that McLaren’s are “some of the most highly sought after and expensive sports cars in the world,” some with a starting price of $301,500.


Around the same time this accident happened, another occurred on I-95, this time, in Fort Lauderdale.


Local 10 says that on July 25th, two vehicles were involved in a collision in the southbound lanes of I-95 near West Sunrise Blvd. Although little information was available after the wreck, the source says one of the vehicles did roll over. The source also said that four people, including a child, suffered injuries in the crash and three of those individuals had to be transported to an area hospital for treatment. Two of the victims who were taken to the hospital were said to have been in critical condition.

Local 10 also reported that a firefighter had suffered injuries while he was extricating the injured victims. The accident was being investigated at the time of reporting to determine what factors caused it to transpire.


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