Accidents on the turnpike are often devastating due to the possibility of severe damage. There may be many injuries tied to the same crash. It can be difficult to figure out exactly who is at fault for these kinds of collisions, however Florida’s negligence laws are favorable to plaintiffs who need to receive compensation for their injuries. 

A serious crash happened on the Florida Turnpike north of West Palm Beach near Port St. Lucie Boulevard. 

Turnpike accident causes several cars to pile up

Police confirmed that multiple vehicles were involved in the accident, but they did not give an exact number of cars or any specifics about injuries. The details of the situation were still being sorted out by authorities at the time of the news report. 

All northbound lanes remained blocked for hours after the collision. Local law enforcement planned on conducting a full investigation of the incident to determine an exact cause. 

Collisions on highways and other large high speed roads

Major highways and roads such as the turnpike are problematic for drivers because of the combination of large trucks and several other vehicles travelling at a high rate of speed. When a collision happens in this environment, it is possible that many drivers will be affected, and there can be serious injuries or even fatalities. When this happens, each individual driver or business that owns a commercial vehicle may be served with a lawsuit due to Florida’s negligence laws.  

Comparative negligence and Florida law

Florida’s negligence laws allow several drivers to each bring their own cases related to the accident. This is possible through the doctrine of comparative negligence. 

Negligence is the legal principle that allows for civil lawsuits against a person who causes any kind of harm or damage to a victim through careless or reckless actions. Comparative negligence allows the fault for any accident to be divided between everyone involved to equal one hundred percent, which is especially useful in motor vehicle accidents with multiple cars where fault is not always easy to determine.  

Because of these complexities in the comparative negligence law, it is important to speak with a lawyer who has significant experience in dealing with lawsuits related to multiple car crashes in Florida. They will be able to guide you through the process with a specific plan of action and explain how these laws will affect the outcome of your case. 

Get legal advice after a collision

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