Do primary care physicians treat accident injuries?
After engaging in an auto accident, pedestrian incident, or even a truck crash, you are going to want to have yourself checked out and assessed to determine the extent of your injuries in the event you think you may have suffered from any. While most individuals go to their local hospital to have an evaluation of their condition completed, others often wonder if their primary care physician (PCP) treats accident injuries.
Therefore, if you are wondering the same thing as you are considering having your PCP treat you for your condition, our accident lawyers in Boca Raton, FL want you to take the following information into consideration:

  • Not all physicians treat victims of auto-related accidents which is why you need to be sure the doctor you choose to treat you is the right professional for the job.
  • Some PCP’s are not equipped to handle the extent of your injuries which could result in you failing to receive the proper treatment to mend your condition. Sometimes, accident victims receive painkillers and other medications to help them cope with the pain they are dealing with, but that doesn’t actually treat the injury so that it can heal.
  • If you are dealing with a specific type of condition, you may need to seek treatment from a specialist. For instance, if you are experiencing back pain that doesn’t require you to have surgery, your PCP might refer you to a chiropractor.

Because many of our accident lawyers in Boca Raton, FL work closely with physicians, specialists, and other healthcare providers, they may be able to give you some recommendations as to who is reputable in the field who can help you. Our accident and injury lawyers in Boca Raton can also provide you with the help and guidance you need to ensure your injuries are compensated for and at an amount that is favorable to you.

Need help finding a hospital in or near Boca Raton?

While choosing the right type of doctor does require some consideration, if you are currently looking for a local hospital in the Boca Raton area to treat you for the injuries you recently sustained, below is a list of some for your convenience.
Boca Raton Regional Hospital
800 Meadows Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33486
West Boca Medical Center
21644 Florida 7, Boca Raton, FL 33428
Something to keep in mind after you have your treatments rendered is to consider hiring a Boca Raton accident attorney. Why might you need to hire a lawyer after an accident? They can assist you with the claims process, help you file a lawsuit if necessary, and ensure you are compensated for your injuries as many accident victims often lose out on a significant amount of money. To get you connected with the right professional, we ask that you give us a call or submit a contact information form right here on our site so an agent can begin helping you.