Car accidents are a common source of injury in both Lake City, Florida and the country as a whole. Even though we generally do not think about it, driving is the most dangerous activity that most people engage in on a daily basis. Because of these dangers it is important to gain some basic knowledge about how to proceed after a crash, even if you are the only driver involved. In most situations it is still possible to receive compensation from an insurance company or lawsuit depending on the particular accident.
Lake City man dies in single car crash

The Florida Highway Patrol investigated a single car accident that happened on a Monday night at the intersection of Northwest Nash Road and Northwest Carr Court in Columbia County. The police believe that the 61 year old male driver began to drift off of the right side of the road around at approximately 9:30 pm. After leaving the road surface and traveling through a ditch nearby, the car eventually struck a tree where the driver died instantly at the scene. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that they would be investigating the accident further.
Is the man’s family out of luck?
Even after a fatal single car crash, it may still be possible for the man’s surviving family members to file a lawsuit based on a number of factors. They can potentially file a wrongful death claim based on the road conditions and the actions of others nearby if any of these other issues were a cause of the accident.
The roads in the area where the accident occurred are significant. If the roads are damaged or otherwise unfit for driving, it may be evidence of negligence by the city who maintains them. Things such as potholes and gaps in the pavement can cause cars to swerve and drivers lose control because of these obstacles. There are also maintenance and construction crews who routinely leave their equipment and roadblocks out overnight even when they are not working. This greatly increases the risks of accidents in the area.
Other drivers can also cause an accident, even if they are not involved in the crash. Sometimes, drivers need to take evasive maneuvers to avoid hitting another car that is driving recklessly. In these situations, the culprit may end up getting away and leaving other damaged cars in their path. However, if a reckless driver can be identified, it still may be possible to file a lawsuit or insurance claim against them.
There may be other individuals such as crossing guards, police officers, or construction crews who direct traffic. These people are only human, and it is possible for them to make mistakes that cause accidents. This is especially true in situations involving bad weather, power outages, or other emergencies where the normal rules of the road may break down. All of these people who are involved in traffic control and road maintenance still have to exercise a reasonable level of care to keep the roads safe for all drivers.
Each individual accident is different and accidents are sometimes caused by strange and unpredictable circumstances. This is why it is best to discuss your personal situation with an experienced lawyer who can recommend certain actions based on a specific set of facts.
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