After an accident, it is standard procedure for rescue crews and medical personnel to arrive on the scene. While in the vast majority of cases these professionals help save lives and minimize injury, there is still the possibility of something going wrong. Lengthy trips in ambulances or helicopters used for airlifting present their own set of dangers and may create additional injuries.

Airlift required after accident on the turnpike in Miramar
The Florida Turnpike section that goes through Miramar had to be temporarily closed in order to have a helicopter airlift an injured person to a hospital. A two car crash happened near Northwest 57th Avenue around 4 pm when Florida Highway Patrol and local fire rescue arrived on the scene. Emergency crews determined that one of the victims from the accident sustained traumatic injuries and had to be airlifted out of the area. No other injuries were known at the time, but traffic problems worsened as the turnpike was backed up in both directions for over an hour all the way to Northwest 27th avenue.
Can rescuers hurt someone?
In a situation such as this, the victim likely spent significant time exposed to further injury while under the care of emergency services or fire rescue. Existing injuries from the accident can become worse or new injuries can occur if a person a handled negligently by an EMT. This can be the result of faulty medical equipment, improper handling, not following standard protocols, or when another accident happens while a patient is in transit. In these cases the fault may be divided between the government agency and other drivers responsible for the crash.
Sovereign Immunity
In most cases involving local fire departments or emergency medical services, these entities have a certain level of immunity that protects them during the act of rendering aid. In many states, they can only be sued if there was reckless behavior or a severe deviation from the normal standard of care.
Sovereign immunity is an old legal concept that means government entities are immune from lawsuits for carrying out their official duties. In previous times this essentially meant there was no way to sue a government agency. However, Florida is much more lenient in this regard. Under the Florida Statutes, the state government has waived its right to blanket sovereign immunity. But the same section of the statutes also gives strict requirements for the procedures that must be followed to sue a government entity.
In other words, Florida law makes it easier to sue the government than in many places, however it is still more difficult than a normal civil lawsuit against a private person or business. Some of these restrictions are a statute of limitations that is shorter, additional filing requirements with the state government, and monetary amounts for damages and attorney’s fees are capped at a lower level in these cases. You lawyer can discuss the specifics of how this will apply to your case.
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