Can an accident attorney help me collect compensation for the decreased value of my car after an accident?
If you aren’t familiar with what a decreased value is or whether or not your accident has permitted you to pursue your insurance company for it, is here to explain it to you.
After engaging in an accident, it is likely that the damage done to your vehicle is going to amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Our vehicles require repairs and parts that aren’t exactly easy on the pockets but are necessary if we want our vehicles restored back to the condition they were in prior to the accident. While you do want to ensure your insurance company is taking care of you and your vehicle while covering all the costs for repairs, have you thought to consider what will happen when it comes time to sell your vehicle?
South Floridians buy and sell used cars every day, and you might decide sometime in the future that you do want to sell your car. But, how is it going to look when you ask for a certain dollar amount and don’t account for when a vehicle history report is run and your accident shows up? The buyer, or potential buyer, may want you to come down on price or may walk away from the vehicle entirely simply because your history report shows it was involved in an accident. And even though you had repairs done with the best parts and by the top mechanic in town, that won’t make a difference when it comes time to sell your car.

Our accident lawyers in Coral Springs, FL will fight for you to receive the decreased value of your vehicle from your insurance carrier.

Decreased value is the amount your vehicle’s worth decreases after engaging in an accident. Think about it like this. When you purchase your car and drive it off the lot, it instantly loses value. After driving it for years, running up the miles, and catching a few dings and scratches here and there, it decreases again. While time goes on, your vehicle continues to decrease in value, unless you have restored an old model that can’t be purchased any longer, however, once you engage in an accident and it is reported to your insurance company, it now is reflected on your driving record.
Therefore, when someone is interested in buying your automobile and sees it has been involved in a wreck, all they know is that damage was done and that your car is no longer worth the amount it was prior to the accident. This amount, as mentioned, is the decreased value and something you should demand from your insurance carrier once you file a claim. Because many people aren’t aware of this and insurance claims adjusters aren’t going to tell you, most walk away with a settlement from their insurer that doesn’t include the decreased value amount.
While you can request that your claims adjuster or agent include this in the estimate for your settlement, you have a better chance of obtaining what your damage is truly worth with a skilled Coral Springs, FL accident attorney working on your side.
To find a Coral Springs, FL accident lawyer in your area now, give us a call and an agent will gladly begin assisting you.