Hialeah, Florida, is a busy city in the South Florida vicinity that borders Miami. There are all types of drivers traveling through Hialeah and it can sometimes become overcrowded. Overcrowded roads can lead to vehicle congestion and a higher chance of an accident occurring. And when an accident does transpire, we don’t always know what to do. Accidents leave us hazy, nervous, and even confused which is why you should have the advice from one of our Hialeah, FL accident attorneys guiding you.
Were you recently involved in an auto crash in Hialeah? Did you sustain an injury? Did a loved one become injured and you don’t believe the at-fault driver is carrying enough insurance coverage that can pay for your injuries and/or vehicle damage? This is an issue that arises far too often and you should know what your options are that can help you recover the money that is rightfully due.

What is my personal injury case worth?

The first thing you want to be cognizant of is that if you did sustain injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you now have a personal injury claim on your hands. A personal injury constitutes as an accident caused by another person or entity that could have been prevented. Now that you know what a personal injury is, you probably are wondering what yours is worth? This is a common question asked by accident victims, however, there is no definite answer.                                                                                                               
There are certain factors that Hialeah, FL accident attorneys use to help derive at a value for your claim but it may take some time before that amount is able to be calculated. Some factors that come into play when determining what your auto accident claim is worth includes:
Who caused the accident and has that been determined?
The at-fault person who caused the accident should be clearly identified before an amount can be determined. Sometimes both parties can be found at-fault and a Florida jury can assign this by percentage. If they feel you were at fault partially for the accident, your settlement amount will be reduced by the percentage you are guilty of causing.
How much insurance coverage is available under your policy and that of the other driver?
The types of policies you have will play a major role in how much money is available to you. Your insurance company will need to approve your claim and have proof that you are in need of this compensation, however, accident lawyers in Hialeah will use this information to help determine what is actually available to you.
Do you need surgery or other medical care for a prolonged period of time?
Another factor that will help determine what your accident claim is worth is whether or not you require medical care. Sometimes injuries don’t surface right away, therefore, you may have to wait before a Hialeah, FL accident lawyer can truly determine the extent of your injuries. Something else that affects your claim worth is whether your injuries call for you to receive medications, therapy, or surgery. All of this is rather important and contribute to how serious your injuries actually are.
If you were involved in any type of accident and are looking to find out how much your accident claim is worth, give us a call today so we can find you an accident lawyer in Hialeah now who is willing to help you.