Certain things that people use every day such as cars, machinery, electronics, and appliances can have problems that cause them to malfunction or even hurt people. In some cases, the damage and pain caused by these products can be deadly. Fortunately, there is a specific area of the law designed to deal with such issues by compensating victims and discourage businesses from selling defective merchandise called products liability.

Fiery car accident in Deerfield Beach kills one person and injures two more
An accident on Interstate 95 in Deerfield Beach, Florida claimed the life of a young girl and two others were taken to the hospital. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office and local Fire Rescue reported that a crash occurred in the northbound lanes near Southwest 10th Street during rush hour traffic at around 8 am. Two vehicles collided and started a fire, which killed a 16 year old girl from Pompano Beach and sent two other adults to Broward Health North for treatment. The Florida Highway Patrol is planning to investigate the crash further.
Products Liability Lawsuits
After a fatal accident, the investigation by law enforcement will look into issues such as the direct cause of the accident and why the car ignited. In some cases, there may be defective parts of the vehicles involved that contributed to a fire or other unsafe conditions. The gas tank may have exploded, some parts may have generated too much heat, or the vehicle may not have had sufficient safety measures. In situations such as this there are specific types of lawsuits that lawyers file regarding defective products that cause injury.
These are called products liability lawsuits. As a general rule, products are supposed to be able to be used for the purpose that they are sold without causing property damage or injuries. If something happens during the ordinary use of a product that causes injury, the manufacturer is strictly liable for those damages. This idea of “ordinary use” is also significant, as manufacturers cannot be sued by someone who uses their product in unintended ways or in a reckless manner that will obviously cause problems.
This possibility of large financial losses is one of the reasons why most cars undergo rigorous safety testing before they are introduced into the stream of commerce each year. Defective designs that are later discovered and need to be recalled become a huge expense in terms of both potential lawsuits and the time and cost investment of performing a large scale recall. Yet despite these extreme costs, automobile safety recalls and injuries from defective parts are still a common occurrence.
Different types of liability
There are also specific lawsuits regarding the type of defect involved in each situation. These particular facts will need to be considered by your lawyer. Products need to include safety information and warnings about potential problems. A lack of information or instructions can be one form of products liability. There is also the possibility that a piece of equipment is normally fine, but an error during the manufacturing process caused one or more individual units to be defective. The legal term for this oversight is a manufacturing defect and this is also the responsibility of the business that produces the product. They are supposed to have some kind of safety checks built into their manufacturing process, and if they do not discover the defects, they are liable for the injuries caused by those oversights.
Get help from an accident expert in Deerfield Beach
If you believe that a defective design, part of a car, or any other machinery may have contributed to your injuries, please do not hesitate to get legal representation. Madalon Law has helped clients in the Deerfield Beach and Broward County areas with lawsuits related to their injuries for years.