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If you’ve suffered injuries while driving your vehicle for Uber, you’ll want to speak with an Uber accident lawyer if you are looking to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Driving an Uber vehicle in Fort Lauderdale, FL definitely has its perks, especially for individuals who are looking to increase their monthly income. But driving an Uber also carries some risks with it. Because you are out on the roads more often and exposed to inattentive and careless drivers, the chances of you engaging in an auto accident increase tremendously. In fact, anyone who spends more time on the road such as commercial truck drivers, bus operators, and taxicab drivers are all at a higher risk of being involved in an accident as opposed to those who simply commute to and from work.
And if you were involved in an accident while driving an Uber in Fort Lauderdale, FL and suffered any type of injury, you may be looking to recover a fair amount of compensation that will cover the cost of your injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.
So, how do you do this?
While you may have been communicating with an insurance adjuster who either works for your insurance company or that of the at-fault driver who has estimated the value of your claim, until you have an Uber accident lawyer evaluate your case will know what it is actually worth. You see, insurance companies are only looking to provide the minimum amount of compensation they can to an accident victim, not the maximum which is what you are likely looking to collect. That is why you need a lawyer you can trust working on your side. Because most accident victims aren’t sure what their legal rights are and how much their damages and injuries are worth, they often can’t distinguish whether the insurer has their best interest or is looking to pay them as little as possible and close the claim.
Therefore, the only true way to tell if an insurer is being honest when they say they are providing you with the maximum amount you are entitled to receive is to have Fort Lauderdale, FL Uber accident attorney Gabriela C. Novo review your claim. In the event attorney Gabriela C. Novo determines your claim is worth more than what the insurance adjuster claims it is, she can help gather the evidence needed to solidify your reasoning for receiving more money. For instance, if you had to be taken to the emergency room following the collision where you were hospitalized for a few days, this will impact the amount your claim is worth. Other things like the severity of your injuries, the need for rehab, and the amount of damage for vehicle sustained should all be included in the amount the insurer should provide you with.
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If you would like to receive an estimate for what your Uber accident is worth, contact Fort Lauderdale, FL accident attorney Gabriela C. Novo today.

However, as we mentioned, insurers aren’t looking to cover every damage you are eligible to receive compensation for which often leads to a negotiation between your lawyer and the insurance company [Source: Florida Department of Financial Services]. Rather than have to deal with this on your own, attorney Gabriela C. Novo will take on the task and help you obtain a favorable outcome. So, if you are ready to speak with a qualified and reputable Uber accident lawyer who is willing to fight for the maximum amount of compensation your claim is worth, contact Gabriela C. Novo, P.A. today.
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