Some accidents can create life altering situations such as permanent injuries, disabilities, or even death. Fortunately, there are accident lawyers who specialize in these kinds of cases available to help victims or their families. They can use their expertise to make sure someone is compensated appropriately based on the burden of having to endure such a tragic event and its associated financial costs.

A serious crash happened in the Northeast part of Miami Dade County at the intersection of Ives Dairy Road and Northeast 10th Avenue.
Crash at an intersection in Miami kills one young man and critically injures another
Witnesses recounted that they saw a blue Dodge Charger proceeding eastbound on Ives Dairy Road. A white Ford F-150 pickup truck was traveling West on Northeast 10th Ave and attempting to turn southbound when the collision with the Charger occurred. The impact from the accident was so severe that many witnesses reported hearing a loud boom sound travel throughout the area. The initial impact also caused the Charger to hit a light pole and a palm tree nearby, splitting the vehicle in two. The driver of the Charger was killed instantly, while the driver of the pickup truck was transported to the local hospital in critical condition. One witness made a statement to the local news that this was the worst accident he had ever seen.
What are the victim’s options?
Based on the specific details surrounding your accident, a lawyer has a number of options available. In deadly accidents such as the news story above, it is possible to file a wrongful dearth action against the person or business at fault. This is similar to a negligence case for injuries alone, but it can involve large sums of money for a young victim’s family, as the person’s future lost wages for their entire life, as well as things like funeral expenses can all be factored into the damage award. Like most other civil lawsuits for personal injuries, there may also be an amount tied to non-economic damages related to the pain and suffering the victim’s family has to endure after an accident.
Wrongful death lawsuits in Florida
Florida’s wrongful death statute has some particularities like every other state in the country. Usually, only the family member or person who is in charge of handling the person’s estate can file the wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. The often prevents more than one family member of relative from bringing the action on their behalf and claiming an interest in any damages that are paid out. The proceeds of such a lawsuit are limited to a surviving spouse, children, or those who can prove they were financially dependent on the decedent.
These actions are also strictly limited to two years after the person has died, so it is important to get legal representation as soon as possible. There are more specifics to the Florida wrongful death statute that are important for your lawyer to know, but they should be able to explain your responsibilities and rights in simple language after a brief conversation.
Speak to local lawyers in the Miami area after an accident
It is possible to get help with a wrongful death lawsuit or any other kind of civil case for injuries from a lawyer who practices in Miami. Mario Trespalacios P.A. specializes in personal injury law and helping people after all kinds of accidents.