Traffic signals, signs, and state laws all work to help keep our roadways under control and reduce the chances of a driver engaging in an accident. When motorists follow the rules of the road and abide by the signs and signals they see, it helps to make the roadway a safer place for everyone. However, when drivers choose to ignore these signs, they only heighten the risk associated with driving. For example, when motorists travel at speeds above the posted speed limit, they are more likely to lose control of their vehicle and reduce their chances of reacting to unexpected circumstances such as traffic jams [Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration].
Drivers who decide that it is acceptable to pass through a red light rather than stop also contribute to making our roads more dangerous as they increase the chances of causing a devastating car crash. In 2016, approximately 811 people were killed in collisions that involved red light running, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and in 2015, it is estimated that 137,000 people suffered injuries from these same types of accidents.

Is there one type of driver who is more likely to run a red light?


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Drivers who are younger and less likely to wear their seat belt are some of the types of individuals who tend to run red lights.

The IIHS highlights a few characteristics of the type of motorist who is more likely to run a red light. Some of these characteristics include:

  • The driver is younger.
  • They are less likely to wear their seat belt.
  • They have poorer driving records than those who stop for red lights.
  • They are “more than three times as likely to have multiple speeding convictions on their driving records.”

Of the drivers who were involved in fatal car accidents in 2016 caused by red light running, “the red light runners were more likely than other drivers to be male, to be younger, and to have prior crashes or alcohol-impaired driving convictions.” Now, although red light cameras were installed in hopes of increasing the chances of a driver stopping at a red light, there are still plenty of motorists who are either in a rush or simply don’t want to wait and will speed through a red light.

Do you know someone who was injured or killed in Fort Myers, FL in an accident caused by a driver who ran a red light?


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If a driver ran a red light and hit your vehicle which has led to it sustaining property damage and you suffering injuries, contact a local accident attorney in Fort Myers to find out how much you are entitled to collect for the damage the incident has caused.

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