The reason why so many individuals seek to pursue legal action after slipping and falling is because of the pain, harm, and loss it ends up causing them. Individuals, especially those who are older, such as seniors, can suffer serious injuries which affect their job and their overall quality of life simply because another individual was careless about their property.

In what cases can a property owner be sued?

Depending on which state a person resides in there are different laws governing how a property owner is required to maintain their area. These rules are generally more applicable to owners of public properties which see a reasonable amount of traffic.
Generally, anyone who owns a property which is accessible to the public needs to make sure that it is cleaned on a regular basis and that precautionary signs are placed on floors which have a tendency to be on the slippery side. If a property owner fails to put up a precautionary sign then they can more easily be sued in case anyone slips and injures themselves while they are in that area.

When should I call an accident lawyer?

A person who slipped and fell in a public area should most definitely call in an accident lawyer in Oakland Park, FL, especially if there was no caution sign present when they hurt themselves. Another reason individuals should call in a lawyer and pursue legal action is if they were hurt significantly because of their fall. Seniors, in particular, may want to get legal assistance if they fall down and hurt themselves extensively.
Some factors which can help a person win more compensation when they are in court are:

  • If the plaintiff (the person who was injured in this case) can prove that the floor was wet for a longer time
  • If the plaintiff can provide witnesses for how the fall occurred
  • If the plaintiff has pictures of the area and proof that no sign was present
  • If the plaintiff was seriously injured

It is also important to note that if a person ends up slipping and falling on the floors of a successful restaurant or business then they will generally be entitled to receive more money because successful businesses generally have more insurance coverage and more money overall. If a person falls in someone else’s home or a private area then they may not be entitled to that much due to their insurance policy restrictions.
An accident lawyer in Oakland Park, FL is the perfect legal professional who should be contacted if a person finds themselves in such a situation. Slipping and falling can cause a lot of damage and can really take a blow on a person’s life, especially if one faces serious injuries because of their fall. A person should not take these matters lightly and they should definitely try and hold the liable parties responsible for their negligence.