The best way to prove who was at fault or which driver was negligent during a vehicle crash is to gather as much evidence as possible. When two cars hit each other on the road it may seem obvious at that time as to who was at fault.
However, if enough evidence is not provided to insurance companies then a person may not get compensated in the way they thought they would. Since a person’s insurance company was not there to witness the accident they will need a very comprehensive case presented to them in order to come to a final decision.
Insurance policies can be lengthy and tricky to figure out on one’s own. If a person wants to ensure they get the right amount of compensation from their company they should get in touch with a legal professional to help them collect the required evidence and file the necessary paperwork.

What are some forms of evidence I should collect in order to prove liability?

In order to prove the liability of another driver, a person should get together as much proof as they possibly can. Some examples of solid evidence include:

  • Police reports
  • Pictures of the accident
  • Hospital records
  • Eye witness testimonies

A police report is generally not required unless the damage done during the accident cost more than $500 to repair. In a police report, individuals will be required to state exactly what happened during the accident. In some cases, police officers or other investigators may contact a person again in order to clarify facts or obtain more information about the claims made in the police report.

What are some examples of vehicle collision claims?

In some cases, it is clearly obvious who hit the other vehicle and who was at fault. These no-fault claims include incidents in which one vehicle crashed into the other from the back or when one vehicle faced all the damage and the other one was left almost untouched.
In these cases, insurance claims are generally very easy to make and obtain. However, even in these situations, there are exceptions. For instance, if a vehicle stopped on the road for no reason and that caused the vehicle behind them to crash into them they will be held liable for the damages as well.
Other cases in which the fault is generally easy to determine is when drivers get into an accident during a left turn. It is generally always the vehicle that was making the left turns fault because the cars going through the intersection have the right of way according to state traffic laws.

Who should I contact to help me make my claim?

If a person got into an accident they should call an accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to negotiate with their insurance company for them. If a person attempts to negotiate with the insurance company on their own they will most likely not receive the maximum amount of compensation which they are eligible for.