While the typical automobile accident involves two or more drivers colliding, this is not always the case. In some automobile accidents, there is no other driver to sue because a car has hit a pole, wall, or other fixture that was in or near the road. However, there still may be other entities or people at fault if certain road conditions caused the accident.
Driver in Tamarac hits a pole and dies
The Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported that one person died as a result of a collision with a pole. At about 8 am on a Sunday morning, the driver was traveling along Woodlands and West Commercial Boulevard in Tamarac when the incident occured. There were downed wires, smoke, and fire reported at the scene of the crash. No cause of the accident was given at the time.
Who else might be at fault?
As a general rule, most single car accidents are considered to be the driver’s fault. On a road there is usually an opportunity to avoid most obstacles unless the driver is speeding, not paying attention, intoxicated, or engaging in any other activity where their full attention is not given to the road. However, this is not always the case and others aside from drivers can actually contribute to dangerous road conditions. Possible culprits can include construction companies, governments of cities and counties, animals loose on the road, or other people engaged in reckless behavior near or on the road.

Bad road conditions are usually the fault of a government that is supposed to maintain clear safe roadways, or construction crews that are operating in a manner that causes driving conditions to worsen. If there is evidence around the accident scene that road conditions were bad due to these kinds of entities, they can be sued for their contribution to the accident.
The car itself may also be to blame. It is possible that brakes suddenly do not work, steering does not move the car appropriately, or some other kinds of malfunction caused a wreck. In this case a car manufacturer or auto repair shop may have been at fault for the condition of the vehicle and causing improper operation.
Other people who are not driving cars may also cause accidents from time to time. Pedestrians and bicyclists can dash into the street and cause a car to take evasive maneuvers in a split second, which leads to accidents. People who own animals often lose pets who end up causing disturbances in the road. Drivers who move to avoid animals may end up against a wall, fence, pole, or other places on the edge of the road.
Each accident is unique
If you have recently been involved in a single car accident, do some critical thinking about the scene and road conditions. Was there anything abnormal that caused you to move your car suddenly? Did a collision with debris or something else on the road cause you to swerve into an obstacle? Organizing all pieces of relevant information can help your lawyer build a case against anyone who may have been at fault.
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