How do I know what type of accident claim to file with the insurance company after an accident?
If you were recently involved in your very first accident, it is likely that you aren’t sure which type of coverage is going to come into play or what type of claim needs to be filed. That’s okay. While your insurance agent should be able to explain this to you, you also want to become more informed on it as well. That is why is here. We provide accident victims such as yourself with useful information that can help you when you have been involved in an auto accident. We also help victims of vehicular accidents find and retain the best accident lawyers located in the city of Lakeland, Florida as some accident cases become more complicated to handle on your own.
So, to help you better understand the types of claims that can be filed and help you to determine which one may apply to your particular circumstance, below is an explanation of a few.
Physical Damage Claims– If you were involved in an accident that only involved your vehicle or another driver was also involved, you will likely file a physical damage claim. In most instances, once you notify your insurance company about the accident, a claim will be initiated and an adjuster will begin working on your claim. You should then be contacted by the adjuster assigned to your claim within one to three days after filing reporting it. In most cases, the adjuster will want to come out to assess the damage. They may take notes and photographs and use this to determine how much your damage is worth. Their estimate along with your policy limitations will be used to determine what you may have to pay out of pocket and what your insurance company is going to pay.
Now, when it comes to getting your vehicle repaired, you may be given the option to choose the body shop where you have your repairs done, but check your policy as some insurances companies might stipulate that you are only permitted to use their own repair shop. And in most cases, if you do choose to use the repair shop in which the insurer chooses, it may help speed up the claims process.
Total Loss Claim: Now, if your vehicle is labeled as a “total loss,” that means that the cost to repair it exceeds how much it is actually valued at. If this is your case, your insurance company would file a total loss claim. According to The Balance, these claims can take a little longer to process seeing that your insurer is going to need to provide you with a fair settlement in order for you to replace your vehicle. There is a significant amount of paperwork that goes into filing a total loss claim and you might not see it finalized until 30 or more days from when you first filed the claim.
Injury Claim: Some accidents result in property damage, others result in physical injury, and sometimes a victim suffers with both. In many cases, because Florida follows no-fault insurance laws, you will likely receive benefits from your insurance company for the medical treatment you need, regardless of who caused the accident.
Now, if you feel that you need answers to other questions or would like to have one of our accident attorneys assist with your claims proves because you feel your insurance company isn’t handling it fairly, we can help you get connect with a professional now.
Accident lawyers in Lakeland, FL can provide as much help and support as needed to get you through this traumatic experience.