Miami Beach is known to attract various types of people who all enjoy different types of leisure activities. Some bike ride while others go for a nice walk. With so many individuals out and about, it isn’t a surprise that many accidents occur within the city.  From car crashes to bicycle accidents, many Miami Beach residents sustain injuries that often don’t allow them to live their life in the manner they once could.
Because Miami Beach is known as a deadly area for cyclists, we are going to focus on bicycle accidents and what laws pertain to bicyclists who might be looking to collect compensation for the injuries they have sustained. And if you are currently in search of an accident attorney in the Miami Beach, FL area who can help you to recover the costs for your medical bills, lost wages, and/or pain and suffering, can place you in touch with the right professional for the job.

What laws apply to bicyclists who ride in Miami Beach?


  1. Bike riders must ride on the right side of the roadway given that there is sufficient width to do so, unless they are passing another rider, making a left turn, or to avoid a hazardous condition (Section 316.2065(5) and (6), F.S.).


  1. A bicyclist operating on a one-way highway with two or more traffic lanes may ride as close to the left-hand edge of the roadway as possible (Section 316.2065(5) and (6), F.S.).


  1. Riding in a single file is required except on bike paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, or when two people riding side-by-side within one lane will not impede traffic flow (Section 316.2065(5) and (6), F.S.).

[Source: City of Miami Beach].

Why is it difficult for some bicycle accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries?

One common issue many cyclists in Miami Beach experience is that many of the drivers fail to respect them even though they are legally permitted to share the roadway with them. Did you know that a bicycle is classified as a vehicle? Something else many cyclists have complained about is that those who hit them usually claim the biker was at-fault for causing the accident. Whether they were blamed for riding on the wrong part of the road or didn’t stop when they were supposed to, motorists often feel as though cyclists are always the ones who caused the accident.
Obviously, this isn’t always true as many motorists fail to acknowledge bicycle riders even though the state of Florida permits them to share the road with automobiles. However, because the case becomes he said/she said and a driver accuses a bike rider of causing the collision, it is in your best interest to contact a local accident lawyer in Miami Beach in the event you were involved in a bicycle accident.
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